“He has the winning mentality of his father, a two-time world rally champion,” says Martin Brundle on Carlos Sainz. This is one of the factors, which might suggest that Sainz Jr. will one day get his Chance in a formula 1 top Team – for example, as the successor of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari.

Because it is still open as to whether Vettel will continue his formula 1 career after 2020 at Ferrari Fort. The current contract of the German runs, of course, in this year, and in contrast to his team-mate Charles Leclerc Vettel still has no certainty about his future in the sport. (More on this in our driver-Team-Overview for 2021!)

Brundle thinks Ferrari is considering, in fact, Sainz from McLaren to poach, it should come with Vettel no agreement is reached. Because he think Sainz for a driver who will gladly be underestimated.

Sainz, compared with verse

tap “close,” “I have been for [the exchange of] Carlos to McLaren, as the Team of the thing was still so sure of that,” he says in the British ‘Express’. In the meantime, but Sainz is the British tradition team high in the course, and not only since his podium finish in 2019 – the first McLaren Podium for years – and world Cup-sixth place in the drivers ‘ standings.

That Sainz will be able to afford some of the things that was hinted at early on, says Brundle continues. He finds that Sainz had not sold in his formula 1 debut in 2015 at the page of Max Verstappen at Toro Rosso bad. LAT From McLaren to Ferrari, and Vice versa? Carlos Sainz and Sebastian Vettel

The young Spaniard had been “very close” to the team-mates, says Brundle. At least the race results tell a different story: Verstappen scored points in 2015, in ten out of 19 races, Sainz raced only seven Times in the points and was classed inferior to Verstappen, if both Toro Rosso drivers ended up in the Top 10.

Sainz a victim of the “politics” in Red Bull?

However, In the Qualifying round, Sainz verse to be added fall in a narrow defeat, by he decided to the internal team compared with 10:9. (More on this in the formula 1 database!)

fall Why carried finally to Red Bull and Sainz was deported to Renault? Brundle blames it on the atmosphere in the Team, which had become due to the double father-son-constellation suddenly “politically”.

“in The end, you decided to fall for the verse. This is also understandable. However, in my eyes Carlos has claimed him very well,” says Brundle.

If the Ferrari looks like that? If so, it could even come to the cockpit exchange with Vettel. The latter could speculate on a continued upturn in McLaren ends, especially since there from 2021 back to Mercedes-actuators are used.

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