the Program will allow to formalize the ownership of land remotely, without excessive bureaucratic procedures. This was reported live on the website, “Your far East” Rosreestr head Oleg Skupinski, reports TASS.

“Such a project as “Land” will give an opportunity to every citizen of our country, every entrepreneur to take the land with easy automation without any barrier, without the official, wherever it can go – to form a plot, to press, to an electronic contract, sign it with your hand and get registered right”, – said Oleg Skupinski.

According to him, the deadline for receipt of such rights on the ground should be about two weeks.

the Program “far Eastern hectare”, which allows the Russians to receive free land plots up to 1 ha in the far East, with effect from 2016. March 28, 2019 far East hectare unable to participants of the state program on assisting the voluntary resettlement in Russia of compatriots living abroad.

According voiced by presidential envoy to the FEFD Yury Trutnev, the program stimulates the creation of 108 new settlements in the far East.