In our age of high technology and especially in the quarantine period, the majority of people are moving to remote execution of various manuals and documents. However, there are some people who even in the face of a pandemic categorically do not wish to register at the state sites, fearing leak of their personal data. For them, receiving the digital code and other electronic documents like death. How is this possible in the XXI century, told us one of the opponents of the digitalization of public services.

the 39-year-old Tatiana (the name changed at the request of the heroine) lives in the Moscow suburbs with his son–a sixth-grader. The woman was not registered on the official government website, even when required to have parent online diary in school or to enroll a child in the circle. And after the introduction of obligatory QR of the gaps in the field Tatiana has not changed its position. It’s better for her to run into imposing a penalty if forced trip than to issue formal permission via the website services.

Why you said that to register at the state portals is so dangerous?

Officials have spent many years trying to teach us all that online services is very convenient, do not need to go anywhere, to waste paper, and similar blah-blah. Meanwhile, government and business really need the personal data of the Russians.

Using the quarantine, now they are much faster to create a common database of all citizens. When you register on the same website services, you consent to the processing and use of your personal data. Further they can be anything. It and cybercrime, when the site is just hacked and the data stolen, and unscrupulous operators.

for Example, information about people you can sell to the same market, which they need to organize targeted advertising. And it is not surprising that in recent years many people suffer from endless calls Intrusive advertisers on mobile.

Finally, a person can even change, to calculate, for example, a smaller allowance. Or take the story to the black marks teachers. The teacher has provided your personal data, they brought in the base, and then the Director took and made there mark without knowledge of the person, as a result of his no longer take a job with a degree.

That is, we give your data and still have limited access to information about the actions that makes someone at the top. I’m not talking about the sites that break, to crash, you need to constantly adapt to the new interface and remember all logins and passwords. Personally, I advantages of electronic services does not see any, only risks.

– Is it possible to do without logging on the official sites, having a child student?

– While you still can, nabout every year harder and harder. For example, when my son went to school, parents were told to register in an electronic diary. For this, of course, was required to pass through the network your personal data to outsiders.

When I refused, I began to frighten services. Supposedly the teachers ensure that parents check children’s grades, and if they do not, they knock where it should. Nevertheless, I strayed, and was not alone, some of our mothers did the same.

We have created a diary page just for my son, for registration at that time did not need anything except email. Now the situation is different. Through his account I know of the assessment. More complicated things with circles. Last year I wanted to enroll my son for free, the robotics club, but without the application of gosuslugi, we refused to accept. It turns out terrible injustice, I am a citizen of the Russian Federation, pay my taxes, however I’m told that without sending personal Internet paper statement, I can’t get the location services to me.

– what about allowance of 10 thousand on the kid, Putin promised you to make it will not?

Why, I already sent my application to FIU with copies of required documents in an envelope through the mail. In accordance with the law “On the procedure of citizens of the Russian Federation” I have the right to appeal to the state authorities in three ways: electronically, by regular mail and by personal appointment. Why would I want to endanger your personal data, if all you can do is even simpler, given the technical glitches in the government services, in a way.

even Now various scams appeared on the Internet that try to steal personal information from moms seeking to issue this allowance to use them for their own selfish purposes.

it is Clear that sooner or later, considering in what direction moves our state, and I will be forced to merge their data on the Internet. But while I might try to delay this moment.