The temperatures are in the cellar, and the good mood of many people. The cold after the beginning of Autumn but can also be a reason for joy! A lot of beautiful things that we have neglected in the warmer months, are now up to date again.

1. Netflix-evening

Finally, we must remain with a good Conscience at home, and favorite TV shows to enjoy. With reference to the icy temperatures, Intrusive colleagues with adventurous nightlife can be plans wonderful get rid of. Cozy game or movie nights are just as beautiful.

2. Happy Knitting

The look on the catwalks shows: wool is back in. Against cold hands Knitting is a true miracle cure. And Christmas gifts can be personally prepared without pre-Christmas stress.

3. Magic of the fireplace

What’s more romantic than a cozy evening for two in front of the cozy crackling fireplace?

4. Marroni

With a bag of Marroni in the hands of the cold is only half as bad. And the subtle scent will heat up even the soul!

5. Leg shaving adé

The women excited about most: If the warm days are over, no longer need to be shaved the legs is mandatory every day. Because under thick tights, not a hair is anyway to see.

6. Wardrobe change

Finally, we can get the carton with the warm clothes from the floor and the boots wear that we have secured in the last Winter sale.

7. Hammam

Hot water, steam baths, massages, a Cup of tea and a lot of, everything looks much better.

8. Pumpkin soup

Warm soup of pumpkin to revive body and spirit. If it is cold outside, they taste twice as good!

9. Drink tea

Actually, it needs to drink, no particular Season of the year tea. But especially when it is cold outside so does a freshly brewed Cup of tea is particularly good.

10 Golden rules for the Sauna

Sauna strengthens the body’s defenses. A Sauna is not a steam bath, the humidity should be at 100 degrees to a maximum of ten percent. To place yourself under the shower unabgetrocknet or in a wet bathing suit in the steam chamber increases the air humidity and is a discourtesy to other sauna guests. In order to be fully effective, you should consider a few things.

This is the best Spa Spots in the world

The autumn is to eat the most popular time for the Well, the sauna and the gentle massage. We have therefore taken times asked around, and the acclaimed Spa Resorts in the world. Most of them set in the tropical distance. Is it any wonder?

weather in Switzerland: always up to date

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