To legitimize the combination of the office and at home can until the end of March

the Issue will be submitted to the next meeting of the tripartite Commission on regulation socially-labour relations (RTK), which is supervised by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. The corresponding item “On amendments to the Labour code of the Russian Federation in terms of improvement of legislation on telecommuting and the introduction of the ability to work part-time telecommuting” is recorded in the work plan of the Commission.

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As explained in the onf, a new form of employment will allow to combine work in the office and remotely, whereas now the law allows you to choose only one of these formats. The labour code is planned to Supplement article “Temporary remote work”. It is hoped that this work will be determined on the basis of the additional agreement to the current labor contract, which, including, can be negotiated “through the exchange of electronic documents”. Place to work remotely, the employee chooses their own. The bill also States that this form of work is not the basis for revision of wages, if the employee carried by the employer established labor standards.