In response to the entering of the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov in the black list of the United States, the speaker of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov urged the politicians “to keep quiet about human rights”. About this he wrote on Instagram.

Mr. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo forgot about what the country represents. Against the background of developments in the US and directly related to the violation of human rights, he, like other American politicians, should have shut up about “human rights”. As they say, “the mote in another’s eye more prominent than the beam in your own”, — said Daudov.

Chechen parliamentarian noted that in the Republic the rights of man and citizen are the priority public tasks, and Kadyrov is the guarantor of rights and freedoms.

The Chechen people love their leader cares about them and protects him. And its sanctions reserved for those whom they really are. Because we have to, as they say, “with a high bell tower”, — the politician concluded.

On 20 July it became known about introduction of Kadyrov in the black list of the US state Department has become known on July 20. Washington considers it to be violating human rights, said in a statement, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

According to us authorities, Kadyrov personally responsible for numerous gross violations of human rights. We are talking about torture and extrajudicial killings a decade ago. The blacklisting means a ban on entry to the United States. The prohibition also applies to the spouse Kadyrov Medni Kadyrov and his daughters, Aishat, Khadizhat. After that, the Chechen leader left a cryptic message on social media, which turned to Pompeo with a gun in his hand.

Wrote Kadyrov commented on the decision of the US state Department to put him in the “black list”. He called these actions “disgusting” and said that it was an attempt to sow discord in his family.