To keep ahead of the curve

the Cabinet of Ministers ruble helps regions to have their health care system was fully ready to provide medical assistance to citizens infected with the coronavirus. At the end of March for these purposes more than 33 billion rubles, last week – another $ 32 billion. The Ministry of Finance promptly brought the money to the bailiffs, but there are difficulties with their effective use. “In some regions of undeveloped resources even from the first tranche, – said Mishustin yesterday at a meeting with his deputies. – In many regions, according to the Treasury, the cash execution below 10 percent.” This situation, in particular, Tver, Belgorod, Tyumen, Novgorod, Kaluga regions, the Kamchatka Krai, Sakha Republic. “It is necessary to take all measures to remedy the situation, the Prime Minister said. – Regions should be as ready to provide expert assistance cases of coronavirus. Please minimize all the formalities of application should be processed without delay.”

an example of a coordinated and operational work of the head of the government considers the relations with Parliament. Last week, lawmakers considered amendments to the Tax code, are exempt from tax on income of natural persons additional payments to physicians for helping patients coronavirus, and increase from 15 to 25 million rubles worth of revenue, up to which income tax may be paid not monthly but once a quarter. Changes to the Budget code will allow regions to lend to each other and to use his discretion to resolve the most important social and economic tasks are allocated to combat coronavirus Federal funds. “I ask as quickly as possible to finalize the necessary legal and regulatory framework to the new rules earned in the interests of citizens and economy as soon as possible, strengthened the effect of earlier measures, – said Mikhail Mishustin to ministries and departments. – It is now important that the most affected enterprises, primarily small companies, began to receive financial assistance from the state.”

the Government, for example, to permit the issuance of interest-free loans for the payment of wages for medium and large companies from industries that fall into the list of the most affected. While the program applies only to small businesses and micro-enterprises. “Public development Corporation “WEB.Of the Russian Federation” guarantees and sureties on those loans of up to 100 billion rubles. Decisions on additional safeguards will be adopted in the near future”, – promised the Prime Minister.

Citizens also begin to use a simplified procedure of obtaining laid them sides state support. So, from April 15 families can obtain a certificate for maternity capital, without even leaving home and not giving any statements. “According to the labor Ministry, less than a week certificates on the parent capital in mezzavilla manner provided nearly 5.5 thousand families”, – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. Remote format is used for registration of other social assistance, in particular, remotely are accepted on payment of 5 thousand rubles for children up to the age of three years.

the Government took into account the situation of those citizens who are abroad to receive Russian pension, and required social benefits, would be to confirm payment for the next year, but because of all the restrictions adopted in the world due to the coronavirus, is not able to provide the necessary documents. Payments automatically extended until 1 July.

the Cabinet said recommended list of non-food commodities. If previously the list was sanitary masks and antiseptic for the hands, then the new version they replaced them with a broader understanding of protection and disinfection. The list includes the position of “personal protective equipment”, “disinfectants”, “antiseptics”. On the organization providing the population with food and essential commodities, not subject to the decree of the President on holidays.