In the United States during the cold war there was a plan to blow up a nuclear bomb on the moon as a “demonstration of domination” for the Soviet Union. New details of secret missions revealed in the recently published book.

Secret mission codenamed Project A119 was conceived at the dawn of the space race between USA and Soviet Union in the American air division, located at the airbase in Kirtland in new Mexico.

the report, written in June 1959 under the title “a Study of lunar research flights” (A Study of Lunar Research Flights), the plans of the atomic bomb on the terminator of the moon – the area between the sunlit part of the surface and the dark part of the natural satellite of our planet.

the Explosion probably would have been visible to the naked eye from Earth, because the military was planning to add in the sodium bomb that was supposed to glow in the blast.

a Nuclear explosion on the surface of the moon, of course, was “one of the most stupid things that could make the government” – says the author of the book “Secrets from the Asylum” (Secrets from the Vault) John Greenwald, Jr.

according to the Daily Mail recently published book details some of the most surreal sentences ever.

John Greenwald is interested in the secrets of the US government since 15 years and has filed more than 3,000 queries on freedom of information. He oversees the online vault, The Black Vault, which contains about 2.1 million pages of previously secret documents relating to UFOs, mysterious murders, and other mysterious phenomena.

According to Greenwald, the U.S. air force developed the lunar project, “to show dominance in space from the United States over the Soviet Union and ultimately over the whole world.”

the Plan, of course, was never implemented – perhaps because of the potential “unprecedented scientific disaster”, according to one declassified document.

the Existence of this scheme was first detected in 1999 in the biography of the world famous astronomer Carl Sagan, deceased in 1996. Sagan was hired to work with him in Chicago, Dr. Leonard Riffle, physicist, studied the possibility of creating a lunar nuclear bombs.

Leonard Reiffel (he died in 2017 at the age of 89 years) in an interview in 2000 claimed that the bomb would be as big as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

“it Was clear that the main aim of the proposed detonation was a PR act and demonstration of sole rule, – said the scientist to the newspaper The Observer. – The air force wanted a mushroom cloud was so big that it could be seen on the Ground. The U.S. lagged behind in the space race”.

In 1958 to Rifely asked senior officers of the U.S. air force, which asked him to “accelerate”, etc.before research visibility and impact of a nuclear explosion on the moon.

According to the scientist, he gave to understand that the result will be destroyed the pristine lunar environment, and it will be a huge loss, “but the US air force were mainly concerned about how the nuclear explosion would be perceived on Earth.”

“If the project was made public, there would be protests,” – said Riffel.

the Book is Greenwald also examines army project in 1959 for the construction of a military base on the moon, code named Project Horizon. The goal of the project was that by the end of 1966 to establish a permanent lunar colony by 10-20 people. To get there equipment, according to forecasts, it took an average of 5.3 launch of “Saturn” in the month from August 1964 to November 1966.

the entire history of the American space program was launched only 19 “Saturn”.

“Military power, based on the moon, will be a strong deterrent to war because of the extraordinary difficulties, from the point of view of the enemy, eliminating our ability to retaliate” – assumed the project.

In the Memorandum of 1959 the chief of Department of research and development US army Lieutenant Arthur Trudeau argued that if the United States will create on the moon permanent base, prestige and psychological advantage for the American nation will be invaluable in the confrontation with the Soviets.

the report indicated that the establishment of an Outpost of 12 people and keeping it in working condition during the year will cost more than 6 billion dollars (in modern money equivalent to more than 53 billion dollars).