According to the Guardian, representatives of major U.S. video streaming service Amazon Prime Video has announced the donation of $6 million in funds semicaudata the support of European film television and theatre community lost a lion’s part of incomes due to the pandemic coronavirus.The first tranche in the amount of $1.5 million have been sent to the COVID Fund-response Fund the community theatre, respectively. The latter is headed by British actress Phoebe Waller-bridge and Olivia Colman and producer Francesca Moody. In a joint statement, the activists warmly welcomed the initiative of the Amazon: “We are shocked by the fact that Amazon has supported such a high level, the statement says.— Our theatre community has never been so vulnerable and unstable. This donation, along with donations from other industry leaders, will change the future for our industry. On behalf of the Foundation of the theatre community, we Express our gratitude to Amazon for recognizing the value and strength of the British theatre, as well as for EDINENIE and support that will allow you to survive in any crisis situations”.Photo: ReutersФиби Waller-bridge is a very influential figure in the British industry of art. Her career, like many actors, began with the theatre — the most affected because of the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, sector. The Fund, which it manages together with colleagues, was founded in the end of July. The first installment made themselves the leaders and a number of other stars, including Gillian Anderson, James Corden, Daisy Ridley, Daniel Radcliffe and others.Money from Amazon the organization promised to send in two directions. The first grants for the needy freelancers. The second on innovation and support of artists.Photo: ReutersСредства received by “COVID-response”, go to the targeted support of film and television. This Fund has distributed financial assistance of $ 3.3 million among the employees of the industry. According to representatives of Fund, the money Amazon will launch a second wave of support, including a new large amount of grants, recipients of which will be a variety of talent areas.Photo: East NewsЭта support probably became real thanks to the column British producer and playwright Sam Mendes, published in the Financial Times titled “How we can save our theaters”. In the text he notes the phenomenon of Netflix and Amazon, whose success would have been impossible without a strong theatre and directing that a pandemic foretold death. He also called for the use of their nepredvidennye income by an unprecedented surge of interest in video services during a pandemic COVID-19, to help those who assumed the most serious impact of the crisis.The Jennifer Salk, head of Amazon Studios, in his speech, indirectly confirmed this theory: “the Creative community in Europe playedon a vital role in our success and manufacture of high-quality original TV shows and movies Amazon for our global industry. It is important for us to help this community in a pandemic”. The initiative of a large company supported by the UK government, issued a special statement on the matter.