Shamil, remember you were friends with an astronaut. Wolf played a great game of tennis.

Shamil Tarpischev: And not just played. Igor Volk was the head of all-Union Federation of tennis of the whole cycle – from 1986 to 1990. Did not like when it was simply called the astronaut. Added: I and test pilot. Very proud of it. Was one of the first who felt the MiGs. Distinguished by persistence, stubbornness.

Stubbornness is good?

Shamil Tarpischev: Well, if is to achieve true purpose. Igor’s willpower is incredible. And a real kamikaze, about never told. Spoke of him to others. Test pilot Wolf never threw in distress the plane. Once landed on the belly, he hardly went out, and he poured water. Another time he managed to bring the plane out of the dive. The height of 70 meters, and how managed? I didn’t even know that if he took flight to the “Buran”, Igor the Wolf would actually first it melted. But the Buran did not fly. Petrovich is one of those characters, about whom little is know.

And we, tennis players, astronauts, historically, had a good relationship. Even Yuri Gagarin was playing tennis. Somewhere in 1972, I came to the guys in Zhukovsky, twisted his 16-millimeter film with tennis. Showed the victory of John Newcomb.

the Great Aussie seven “Grand slams”.

Shamil Tarpischev: And the awards ceremony, the organizers removed the dollar bills from the bags and straight to shower their champion. The effect is produced, all lit up. Someone of the men loudly joked: “Tennis needs to be addressed, and we all space, Yes space.” This sport was optional for them, for relaxation, but almost all of the astronauts played. And Igor, the President of our Federation was cosmonaut Boris Volynov. But with Wolf, we were friends. And really. In 1990 I was a senior coach of the USSR.

Since you train and appointed in 27 years.

Shamil Tarpischev: 25. Igor asked me in 1990 to come to a reporting conference. Sitting beside him, and he suddenly: “I’m so spun, so much. Tennis – it is interesting, don’t know what my chances of re-election, and the case should not suffer. Let’s vistavnaya you.” I’m not going to. Liked to train, and even a little bit was playing. A lot of work, and then worked in tennis just two and a half men all over the country. And still, the Wolf had me convinced.

how to exhibit? After the application is submitted in advance.

Shamil Tarpischev: It is now. And then there was that all in advance. The election began, and I raised my hand. And Alexander Metreveli, too, and someone else. Managed to win in the bitter struggle. Here we have Igor Petrovich Volk turned continuity. It is a pity that in 2017 he left. But even with him, so many years we are holding the tournament Buran – flight normal”. Now��t June 24, at 13 o’clock Petrovich opened a monument in Zhukovsky, street Solar, the house 7/9. Had April 12 is the cosmonautics Day and the birthday of Igor Wolf. But… Good monument – my friend is with the suit in hand. The work of the famous sculptor Igor Teodorovich Jaworski.

Shamil, if I started talking about tennis, something that now happens in it? Is August 31 in new York will start the US Open? And a pandemic?

Shamil Tarpischev: there are plenty of Challenges. We have the Olympics, and the set of points in order to Tokyo to go, should end in June next year after the “Roland Garros”. Points are for the last 12 months, and we have four months did not play. Guarantee of getting to the Games is to enter in the 75 strongest. We have Medvedev your cool the results showed last fall. It means that these points? There is no decision yet. Desire to hold the US Open and the “Roland Garros” is clear. Of the four Grand slam tournaments were insured only Wimbledon. In new York and Paris, you can score many, many points need. Women’s professional Association has already adopted its calendar: from late August to the end of the year.

And when our Kremlin Cup?

Shamil Tarpischev: 2 Nov. And the men’s Association will confirm the holding of tournaments only since July 15. But I know now Luxembourg, Tokyo has refused them. By mid-July may be other conscientious objectors. If you can arrange two Grand slam tournament, their conduct, although the gap between them is two weeks. It’s hard to guess what will happen. The situation is changing every week.

Come on good. We have a young and cool men’s team. Is there any chance to take the Davis Cup?

Shamil Tarpischev: I expected this year. And as it is now? Medvedev, for example, in these months, many trained in France and Monaco: I rented a cottage with a tennis court, came to see him coach. But training is training and competition is restored to the nervous system which returns to normal longer than any other components. Rublyov was trained in Spain. But Khachanov was in Moscow and got practice the least. Summary: all in a different state. And I know that involvement in training, in competition, every kid is different. Difficult to find myself. And if, moreover, the calendar will be heavy? Waiting for serious competition.

And still be with girls? No they can’t get used to the court.

Shamil Tarpischev: generational Shift guys over a little earlier. U – girls later, but among them won Junior “Roland Garros”. This young growth is located somewhere with 30 till 60-th place in world classification. A year and a half, and I think the situation the girls will recover.

You will remain captain of the men’s team?

Shamil Tarpischev: woman passed. Slowly preparing new mentors for the men’s team. But, you know, I would be nice to win another Davis Cup, and then finish with coaching. I have things to do.

‘re a member of the IOC, and the President of our Federation.

Shamil Tarpischev: And coach. A joy to talk with young. They run, and you with them, you’re in shape.

are you Not tired?

Shamil Tarpischev: Not the point. You dream, you put before yourself and the team a higher purpose. Fighting to achieve them. Do not give yourself to relax. I lengthen their life. And relaxed, felt sorry and got out of the game. And not just games. We can’t give up and stop. Agree?

100 percent!

Our source can get into the record books in many ways. But in this treasured Tome include only those who have already retired from active sports. And the current captain Shamil Tarpischev to Tarpishev born in 1948 is not the case. He continues to break records: was the captain of the teams of the USSR and Russia in 147 matches of the Davis Cup and the Federation Cup, having won 98 victories – 61 in the Davis Cup and 37 in the Federation Cup. Here and close to him no one in this century, nobody will catch up. His team has won 6 Trophies: 2 men’s Davis Cup and 4 of the women’s Federation Cup. Twice in one year , that is 2 and 2 its men’s and women’s teams in the Davis Cup and the Federation Cup. 43 (!) years, 25 years, Shamil Tarpischev – head coach. 26 – first match as captain of the Davis Cup.