day-care centres and schools are currently closed in many places. The Corona-to curb the pandemic, the necessary. For children this means much time you spend at home with their families and friends. Thus, it will not be too fast to be boring, has developed in new Zealand over the social media a fun idea which finds more and more followers.

Behind the idea of a private Initiative,

is Inspired by the English children’s book “We’re going on a bear hunt” many households currently plush Teddy bear in your from the street visible window – in order for children to search for during the walking gait and find.

The idea Annelee Scott, who founded for their action even their own Facebook group had.

Even the Prime Minister does with

On Twitter under the Hashtag #GoingOnABearHunt since then, many snapshots of the unusual action.

Even the Prime Minister of new Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, with power and has, in the meantime, a Teddy and a plush Panda visible in the window of her official residence, like a Video on Twitter shows.

But also many other households have placed their Teddy bears and other stuffed animals out of the dug out and visible in their Windows:

do you See the PCP you can See in the