To electronic hospital even more difficult than usual

on this day journalists are faced with the same problem. Electronic hospital.

Natasha did not have 14 days that she took the tests. And a sheet of temporary disability, none given. Then she decided to get at least hospital. The Internet.

And here’s what happened:

“just on Monday, the press service of the regional government in connection with the quarantine coronavirus, – said Natasha, – said that the region has begun to issue electronic hospital. I had to go to work and sit for two weeks without a hospital. To remotely sick leave may be those who are quarantined after returning from abroad. In addition, from March 20 electronic hospital give to all who live with such people.

Photo: getty images How the government will support older people quarantined

True, it is necessary to register on the site “public Services” and submit an application in the personal Cabinet on the website of the social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation. Fill the form and send the scan of passport pages with photo and with marks about border crossing, tickets, confirming a visit to another state. In fact, I imagine that everyone at home has quarantine and the computer, especially the scanning equipment. Here’s a new quest, try to get e-hospital, not leaving the house”.

And at that time (adjusted for time zones) your quest tried to pass Masha Volkova:

“in the Morning my husband called two clinics. The adult asked about the presence of symptoms of SARS and said that if they do not, then go to them there is no need, – said Maria. And the hospital advised to register through the website of the regional branch of Fund of social insurance. In the nursery come to house to check on the kids promised. But to us nobody came.

I took the design of hospital sheet. Advertising of the Fund of social insurance in social networks promised that it can be done with three clicks. First you need to go to the website of the regional branch of the Fund. On the main page, Nizhny Novgorod – big red button at the top: “Apply”. The first click.

Photo: Vitaly Belousov/RIA Novosti the CPS announced a new incubation period COVID-19

the Next step is to log in via a single system of identification and authentication (public Services). Second click.

Next you need to fill the form: your details, place of work, as well as document the trip. I’ve attached a photo of the passport and boarding pass, which, thankfully, is not thrown.

Between the second and the third click I still needed to make some additional movements. When making a remote hospital needs to choose a medical organization. There were two – and both are far from my house. Estimated that typically closure of hospital requires a visit to the clinic, I decided to clarify this point: do I have to go across town to complete the Saga with the quarantine?

However, the “hot line” the regional Ministry of health was advised to go for hospital to the health center. On “a hot line” regional FSS gave the phone Department, which is responsible for the topic remote hospital quarantine. There, too, are unable to clarify this point and sent yet another phone, where during the day, the answering machine reported that all operators are busy”.

unlike colleagues from Novosibirsk, Mary still have two weeks of quarantine. But where is the guarantee that all the answers be found?

“Diary. Quarantined” will continue to keep Mary Inalcove. All the pages of the diary read here.