To detect lies in WhatsApp will appear

Facebook-Owned WhatsApp is testing a feature that should help users to distinguish truth from misinformation. Fight the fakes in the messenger will be a built in function of Internet search.

Some users have found in the Annex of this opportunity. It is implemented in the form of a search icon that appears next to sent messages – this is often spread in messenger fakes.

WhatsApp seems to have added a search icon next to Forwarded messages to directly search with the content of the forward on Google – fake messages that have been called out, usually show up on top.

Decent move.

– SG (@shrinivassg) March 21, 2020

When the user clicks on the magnifying glass image in the popup window, a confirmation message appears – whether he wants to open an Internet search by text message. This will allow you to find out more information about contained in the text statements.

the Representative of the messenger said to TechCrunch that the deployment of the function for all users will be held in the near future.

Text: To.Hi-tech