the middle East peace plan of President Donald trump is a “monstrous conception” of a Palestinian state, has no future, said the former head of Saudi intelligence.

late last month with great pomp, the United States announced the long-awaited peace initiative for the Israeli-Palestinian deal.

the Proposal, put forward by trump, will give Israel most of what he needed during the decades of conflict: the controversial city of Jerusalem and the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Palestine has completely rejected the US proposal, Israel strongly supported him.

“I think the deal for Palestine is something like the birth of Frankenstein. This is a terrible concept for a Palestinian state. In this transaction there is no future, not only in our part of the world, but the rest of the world,” said Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal on Tuesday.

White house situation is not commented. These comments came a week after the EU rejected part of the peace plan for trump Middle East.

the Unit took time to achieve consensus of all its members and to respond to the situation. On 4 February he said that the plan deviates from the “internationally agreed parameters”, according to Reuters.

the Israeli foreign Ministry called the EU’s position “sad and weird”.

When he was asked about the perception the administration of the tramp in the region, al-Faisal said: “with regard to Palestine, it’s definitely a step back. They broke the law, they are not important resolutions of the UN Security Council, they follow a unilateral course.”

“as for Iran, it definitely went the right way. Because the nuclear deal has allowed Iran to become a constructive partner in the middle East, and become a disruptive player in the middle East.

what he’s proposing — aton the resumption of these negotiations and this deal. The Iranians have not agreed to revise the terms of the deal, and I think they should have been,” said al-Faisal.