To combat coronavirus: ill transfused blood of recovered patients

In China, the number of people infected with coronavirus COVID-19 exceeded 72 thousand people. According to recent reports, the mortality rate is almost 1900. Many countries are now busy developing the vaccine.

After the doctors reported that transfusion of plasma from Ebola survivors infected with the coronavirus, will help in treatment, former patients lining up at points of delivery of blood.

– My country saved me, and so now I want to save as many patients.

it is in their blood already has antibodies that can kill the virus. Dr. Lu calls himself a cautious optimist.

“Optimism is when something is introduced to the patient, and he on the second day healthy and jumping. Here, of course, wrong. But the PRP — out. And while the best in the absence of a vaccine,” explains Liu Bande, head of the prevention and treatment of new coronaviruses district SZANSA.

the Winning coronavirus in China for more than 12.5 thousand. And the latest figures indicate a decrease in the number of infections. But the world health organization believe that the data we need to assess carefully. Yes, the current coronavirus “less deadly than the previous one,” and 80 percent of patients suffer mild form, but the quarantine, especially in the midst of a flare, must remain as strict as possible.

“We have to admire the dedication of the Chinese and respect the sacrifice of Wuhan and other cities, who went on to such social isolation to try to stop the spread of the virus”, — stressed the who representative in China, Gauden Galea.

Li Feng bypasses its assigned district. 5 thousand inhabitants. “Someone sends messages on the phone. If not, then you need to go in person to see how many people are at home and how they feel,” says Li Feng. In this house the majority are elderly. They are primarily at risk. “Four times a day and take my temperature to make sure that everything is in order,” says ketanka. Constant control and verification. In the yard. On the roads. When the barrier to the virus up the whole country, Junchuang and Cancun decided to contribute. They carry about posts of hot meals. “At night it gets very windy, so the hot soup will come in handy,” says Lin Junchuang.

Chinese business is almost stopped. With the beginning of the year loss already exceeded trillion yuan is more than $ 140 billion. To support small and medium production, the government freed the enterprise from rents, taxes and even help you find suppliers. Especially when talking about the production of commodities. For example, disinfectant solutions.

When to buy in pharmacies or stores sanitizer almost impossible, come to the rescue of folk remedies and liquor stores. Nozzle-spray on the bottle and ready. Now it’s for outdoor use.

the Entire deficit — from the unverified rumors, say Chinese officials and carefully monitor the social network. In Hong Kong, which is completely dependent on supplies from mainland China, it was enough only one message that will soon cease to bring in toilet paper, and then began a stampede.

But in most cities the panic anymore. So now look street 22 million Beijing. And it seems that in the coming weeks, they will not be crowded. The virus has already canceled the Beijing motor show, and even the main political event of the year — the all-China Assembly of people’s representatives, traditionally held in early March, preparing to migrate. About three thousand delegates from all the provinces to gather together now too risky.