Over the years, the assassin of Christchurch warning signs sent. On his Facebook profile, he posted his fascist fantasies about the killing of migrants and glorified. A gun license, he nevertheless, semi-automatic rifles to buy, he was also received. 15.In March, he stormed two mosques and killed 50 Muslims.

Why is this man under the Radar of the security agencies slip through? The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admitted: “We have focused too narrowly on Islamist Terror.”

the question is: Is prepared in Switzerland against Terror from the right? Research since doubts. In this country hundreds of Xenophobes rush freely on Facebook, some don’t celebrate the attack of the Christchurch-terrorists.

The Xenophobes are armed

How about T. S.*, Basel-chief of the extreme-right party of nationally Oriented Swiss (Pnos). Under a false name, he wrote on Facebook about the Australian assassin: “If more were like him, we would have already won and our people saved.”

The Swiss Xenophobes are armed, ready for violence and will not stand in contrast to Islamists in the focus of the authorities. Even more: The Federal intelligence service (NDB) it is forbidden by law to monitor right-wing extremists.

The reason for this is a Swiss peculiarity is that The Federal government strictly separates terrorist and violent extremist activities. A distinction that other countries do not.

news service, may mean Nazis don’t monitor

In practice, the armed Islamists, of the raves on Facebook for the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS), is allowed to tap into the NDB, the telephone, the Post office to open or the Computer hacking. The actions of the Islamists can be classified as terrorist.

A neo-Nazi with a swastika Tattoo, posing with a machine gun and for the Utoya gunman Anders Breivik says, is not allowed to monitor the NDB. He is classified as a violent extremist.

In clear text: the Federal law can be extreme not a Terrorist. That this assumption is a fatal mistake, not only by the Christchurch massacre clear.

Not only the legal basis to prevent adequate control of the right-extreme scene, but also the fact that the NDB is biased towards Islamists. Radical Muslims have been observed in the past years by the Swiss secret service is systematically registered. To terrorism prevention of the NDB to a list with the so-called risk persons, in the social media, he carries out a comprehensive Jihad-Monitoring.

No information to right-wing violent criminals

The number of processed cases, the messaging service communicates each. Last November, the NDB language of 80 persons at risk, and shone through the Posts of 606 potential jihadists in the social media.
On demand of VIEW, how many extreme right-wing perpetrators of violence to be observed, blocks of the NDB. According to spokeswoman Carolina Bohren Monitoring of neo-Nazis. How many people are there on the Radar, she says.

Drilling refers to the last security report. It says: “In the scene collections of functioning weapons are widely available.”

It is to be feared that in Switzerland, too, at some point, a right-wing Internet propagandists wants to exchange his keyboard against an assault rifle.

*name known to the editors

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