To check fire safety of buildings will be new

it is Expected that the risk category will be determined by the fire Department and may change over time. The message on it appeared on the official website EMERCOM of Russia, and the proposals are in the stage of discussion and placed on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

the First forest fires were recorded in Khabarovsk Krai and Transbaikal

Innovations are necessary, and no one is arguing that. They are needed primarily for building owners and businesses that rent there space for offices and shops. Category definition of risk in state fire supervision existed before. But after several high profile fires, it became apparent that some of the standards and regulations.

the degree of risk of fire in a particular building depend on schedules of inspections of these facilities and how often the inspector may appear there. It is clear that check – the action unpleasant. From the small and medium business often received complaints that entrepreneurs disruptive, and sometimes even strangled.

the risk Category for the building can be changed individually. If the owner of the facility complies with the security measures, the risk can be lowered

And often it was. Representatives of the business saying: leave us alone, we are not interested in the fact that we have burned perfectly fine without checks. In 2011, the stranglehold of the checks weakened.

Photo: MOE looking for ways to improve methods of protection against coronavirus

what it led To, has shown a fire in a shopping centre, “Winter cherry”. Since then, MOE began to look for a middle ground and may have found.

the new model is: first, calculate the expectedfollowing the example of the fire risk for different groups of objects, and secondly, individual approach. What does it mean?

the MOE said. First all objects are divided into groups, each of which were homogeneous by economic activity and classes of functional fire hazard.

If, say, it’s a big office building, the group of fire risk alone, if a small shop, then the other. And understandably so, because the consequences of a possible fire huge different in the business centre and commercial tent, where one seller and a few buyers. It is a traditional part of the approach in determining risk category.

Women in the service of the Ministry of emergency measures: the fire investigator and the chief of the Department of safety on water objects

the Second is a personalized approach in determining risk category. This will be made up of the so-called “index of individualization of the controlled person.” It will be calculated on the basis of available inspectors, data reflecting the individual characteristics of the object and how the object look home. If no violations, and the owner of fire safety belonging to him of the object is monitored adequately, the risk category will be lower, and for negligent owners – on the contrary.

Thus, the MOE wants to introduce a flexible approach and motivate building owners to maintain a proper fire order. This is a logical move. To the honest and decent inspector will come less or do not come at all, and perpetrators will walk often. Such a model of management of fire risk will allow the individual to determine the periodicity of inspections.