One of the problems the people of today, often only retrospectively learn that their favorite movie theater about to be demolished. Some alleged moneymen thought that people not go there, and if you build there, apart-hotel, then everyone will be happy. And he, of course, profit. Another money bag got the feeling that your multi-storey house and the river quite squeeze a couple more high-rises will be beautiful. And – what a coincidence – profitably.

environmentalists the aces building agreed, the new buildings are in no danger. Projects with stamps and signatures proof. It remains the most difficult: to convince foolish people that they would be better if the narrow road will be added to the machines and to the old sewer will connect several high-rise buildings. The problem of human misunderstanding is solved elegantly: people do not bother with unnecessary information.

Public hearings are held almost in secrecy. And if people somehow find out that the administration had appointed somewhere hearing – and it must do so for show, something they try not to let. Hall is already full of trusted people ready to vote for anything, because they in the homes not to live.

But even know that developed a project and conducted a hearing, it is luck. Typically, residents will learn the details when the decision is made, the process is started and to change something later. “Where were you earlier?” surprised shrug officials and business tycoons. They say that the project was openly hanging in the basement round the back of the wardrobe, anyone could go and see, I only had to ask for the key from the guard. Ah, nobody knew, because it was not reported? Your problem is that civil society should be active and attentive.

the Ministry of justice proposes to amend the situation. Amendments to the law “On General principles of self-government”.

“the Bill was prepared in pursuance of an order of the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation”, – the Ministry informs.

the Project envisages the need for a mandatory and pre-positioning of local governments on the Internet of materials on the issues put to a public hearing or public discussion. The results, including a reasoned justification of decisions should also be published on the Network.

“Additionally, the bill provides for the submission of the inhabitants of the municipality with its comments and proposals submitted for discussion of projects of municipal legal acts, including through the use of the official site in is information-a telecommunication network the Internet”, told the Ministry of justice.

According to the lawyer Olga Vlasova, Institute for public hearings to date, treb��et legislative improvement. She stressed that a public hearing is not only a way of taking into account collective opinions, but a form of social control. Therefore, we need mechanisms of coordination of positions. Residents disagree, but officials believe that the project is still needed, and the district will become more beautiful. Who should judge? Transparency – the first step to the beginning of the conversation. Many projects on improvement cause public debate, and it is important that both parties heard each other and were ready to make mutual compromises.