For almost a year, the British singer Charlie Lenehan (20) of Bars and Melody and the Swiss Influencerin Ana Kohler (20) are a Few. They met at an Event in Switzerland. “Until we came together, it took about a year,” says Ana Kohler to VIEW.

Common apartment in Köln (D)

Charlie was in 2014, with his colleague Leondre Devries (18) in the Show “Britains Got Talent” and was able to make use of with Bars and Melody a name. Also Ana is in the spotlight, the Bernese Influencerin on Instagram over 300’000 Followers. Whether such a public life and the thousands of Fans on Social Media, your relationship can also damage? “No, I don’t think. It is almost easier, because we were both previously on the carnival used to,” says Charlie.

Together, the Pair in Köln (D) live – for a simple reason. “My Management is here, so we have opted for this city,” says Ana. In addition, there is in Germany, more Influencers, what come to your profession. For friend Charlie the choice of the place of residence, however, was not so important: “I’m traveling a lot, so it played for me, not a big role.”

“Switzerland is beautiful, but so expensive”

Ana is also often in Switzerland. “Every two weeks I’ll be back where my family lives,” she says. Charlie, however, is found hardly in this country. His first visit was even associated with a shock. “I ate a Burger and when they brought the bill, I got almost a heart attack,” he recalls. “Switzerland is beautiful, but very expensive.”

Because the two lovebirds are on the road a lot, you will enjoy home, preferably a couple or go shopping. And: The Influencerin shares the love of the British singer to the music. “Maybe we do a duet, who knows”, the oracles are consulted, the Influencerin. Charlie and his girlfriend has already written a Song? “Yes, there are,” says Ana. “You are listening to the new Album.”