Cristiano Ronaldo has travelled just in front of the lock , in Italy, to his home in Madeira island and staying there for a while and he has since been quarantined, awaiting the continuation of the Italian league. The Portuguese attacker has plenty of time to take a break. In other words: in the sweat of the work.

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When The defender Daniele Rugani is positive to be tested for the corona virus was CR7, therefore, is already in Portugal. He let himself in for a safety check, but the test is negative. Wow. A few days later the Portuguese again, the good news will be heard. His mother, Dolores was allowed to leave the hospital after a successful surgery on her heart. We are Alveira (65) it was at the beginning of march, a heart attack, but had become so at home in the outdoor pool.

“I had the good fortune to live a life in which my family likes to see, and they’re close to me I said mama, He is on Instagram. “A big thank you to everyone for the support. It’s been a tough day, but everything will be fine now that I’m back home, surrounded by love.”

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Vocês pensavam que eu não voltava ??, Voltei devagar ,suavemente ,after a calma e com-paz no coração e com um pensamento, em tom de recado , para quê julgar a cor da pele a roupa que se veste o sapato ou o aspecto de cada um somos nada diante da vida, m), somos Simples pedestres, neste mundo , a vida é uma lição e só precisamos dar o valor e a ser gratos por tudo !!!e ter fé em Deus que tudo vai dar certo !!! E eu sou uma abençoada por ter oportunidade de viver de amar a minha família, e tê-los perto de mim … Obrigada a todos desse lado pelo apoio e pelo carinho , foram dias, but the mas de lutas e vitórias ,já estou na minha casinha rodeada do amor, da, minha família ,que é a minha fortaleza, e energias boas ,estarei por aqui, como gosto, mas sempre a cuidar de mim, em primeiro lugar …e tenham fé , tudo vai dar certo !!Fiquem em casa !! Bjnhos a todos??

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He is now no standing still. No worries about his mother, the star of his side’s two things. First of all, his wife and kids. He taught his children how they should wash their hands in the coronatijden. But, in addition, it is – as usual – is constantly in the gym. His stomach muscles are still a bit of work. Sister, Katia saw that it was good and it went together in a sweaty, Came in to the picture. To be as sharp as a knife? No, it is as sharp as the Right.

“And we will continue to fight. At home, with family members, care for the body, mind and spirit,” said Katia Aveiro.

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E continuamos na luta , em casa ,em família, e cuidando do corpo e da mente !!!! #familiaminhavida #créditosdafotogio #fiquememcasa #cuidemdetodos #vocêsconseguem #Deusnocomando??

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More about Cristiano Ronaldo, He will teach the kids how it should be Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar remain the best-paid soccer players in the world, with “Massive head start”, Which means the postponement of european cup football for all the other countries? In a world of a difference: for example, the cards for the Euro In 2021 forgotten rivals Real Madrid, and it gets front page with a written message that read, “Stay at home”