To aggravate the epidemic in Italy could the antibiotics

Scientists have named a possible cause of surging in Italy of the epidemic of the coronavirus. According to one hypothesis, the disease can rapidly spread in the Apennines because of a weakened immune system Italians. This stems from the characteristics of the local medicine.

coronavirus Pandemic is gaining momentum. This is the opinion of the head of the world health organization. One hundred thousand people were infected within two months, still the same — less than two weeks. Third hundred of thousands became ill just four days.

At this point, infected nearly 400 thousand. Each sixth of them live in Italy. While recovered in the Apennines, while only seven and a half thousand.

According to the Russian geneticist Vadim Pospelov, such a difficult epidemic situation in the Peninsula may be associated with weakened immunity of the locals. And the reason for that broad-spectrum antibiotics. Local doctors prescribe them too often, even with a simple cold.

And it’s not just a personal assessment. This is a real problem of Italy and recognized in the country and around the world. According to the Organization for economic cooperation and development in the Apennines, antibacterial drugs prescribed 60 percent more often than in other countries of the Association.

“the Population is actually hoisted on the increased doses, which affects the stability of the immune system. This has influenced the fact that in Italy many people were covered by a coronavirus infection,” explains Vadim Pospelov.

immunity of the person depends on the state of the microflora. Including the intestinal microbiota. In the digestive tract is inhabited by about 50 trillion different microorganisms. And here, in order to restrain the whole army from uncontrolled breeding, are concentrated 70% of all immune cells.

Antibiotics allow our immune system to relax themselves and resist harmful microorganismsmom. As a result, the imunnitet becomes weaker, reduced ability to resist infections.

“When antibiotics, even the most banal, are accepted, the immune system is switched off or almost off. The result is a hole in this quilt microbiota, and on the other hand weakens the immune system, and we create all possible conditions for invasion of pathogenic microorganisms,” — says Ivan Kozlov, Vice-President of Russian scientific society of immunologists, doctor of medical Sciences.

a Large number of sick and dying elderly Italians – another implicit acknowledgement of a weakened immune system of the nation. The fact that the body cells of the immune system that recognize viruses and produce antibodies to them, over time, adapt to specific pathogens. And undecided cells (also called naive) that you can teach to counter the new threat, with age, the principle is less. You can imagine what happens to elderly people whose immunity cut antibiotikami.

“as soon as the patient enters the upper part of adulthood, it decreases the ability to respond to new pathogens that come to us. After 70 years, it is not recommended to dramatically change the climate zone, a common antigenic background. If he will move out of Moscow in some Thailand or Zimbabwe, the risk that he will get infections that will not be able to answer, quite big”, – says Ivan Kozlov.

by the Way, the widespread use of antiobitics when SARS are characterized not only by Italians but also people from other European countries. In particular, they are often assigned in Greece, Luxembourg, Poland and France.