In this crowd, you don’t want to get stuck in there! Reader reporter signs to LOOK chaotic conditions in the Titlis mountain Railways. “Absolute madness,” describes a location.

pictures of the lunch time show long the waiting cars snakes outside and inside of the mountain. “Groups have to queue for two hours or more in the blazing sun, in the interior, and the other stations the same again”, so the reader reporters to continue.

luck, who is in possession of the umbrella. After all, there is so little shade for the Waiting. At the top of the mountain, the people appear to each other on the feet, rum, report other. Including countless Asians, mainly Indians.

Why lunch maintenance work?

the reason for the queues and the tourist-crowds: revision work of the Titlis-Xpress. So at least it is on request in the case of the Titlis mountain Railways. Reader reporter annoy this in a maintenance work of the cabin-Lifts, because they seem to be conducted without announcement in advance. It was not emergency Work?

Peter Reinle, Vice-Director of the Titlis mountain Railways, takes the opposite VIEW on this issue: “It is not an emergency practice, but a planned Revision of the Titlis-Xpress”. It work never give up a good time for such maintenance.

The parallel tracks, with a little less capacity, had been without interruption in use. According to Reinle, the wait lasted around an hour.