Stand or turning point in the tormented history of the Brexit, 700 000 people marched on Saturday 20 October in London to demand the organization of a second referendum, according to the organizers of the ” Walk for the future “. “I’m 16 years old and the Brexit stole my “future, “”Tired of Brexshit” (” Brexit shit “), ” I am european. Together, it is always better “, ” what is the european Union has brought us if not the peace, the security, the single market and the appellations controlled ? “… A profusion of signs made the house exploded in a joyous atmosphere under a spring sun between Hyde Park and Parliament square, opposite Big Ben.

surreal at the heart of the United Kingdom, tee-shirts, scarves and flags in blue and starry european Union have floated all afternoon on Piccadilly, Pall Mall and Whitehall, the more avenues of London official. This is by far the largest parade since the vote of 23 June 2016, during which 51.9% of Brits have opted to leave the european Union. The event does not reached not, however, the record for london’s million protesters, recorded in February 2003 during a parade against the war in Iraq.

The left-wing activists, to the families concerned for their children, professionals, anxiety for their employment or their business, is superimposed a fringe liberal British open to the world come to express their real feeling of belonging to the EU and their detestation of the image of self-absorption that is returned by the Brexit.

less than six months of Brexit :   “Too many unanswered questions” for the French expatriates

A death order : to get out of Brexit

Compact, oscillating between jubilation of the number and the fears for the future of the country, the crowd was also more diverse in age and in social background than the previous events, even if the non-White and the little people of the uk stood out by their absence. Just as the leaders of the major political parties.

Scotland Yard has not confirmed the figure of 700 000 protesters advanced by the organizers, the platform, the People’s vote that brings together the organisations of the civil society. But when the head of the procession was in sight of the Parliament of Westminster, the last of the demonstrators had not yet left Park Lane, its point of departure, 3.4 km away. While negotiating with the 27 is in deadlock in Brussels for 5 months of the Brexit official, London echoed to a cry in two words : “Exit Brexit ! “(” Let’s get out of Brexit ! “).

” How could I look my children in the eyes in the future if I hadn’t been there today ?

” It is a cry into the void, but it was essential. How could I look my children in the eyes in the future if I hadn’t been here today ? “, said Henry Playfoot, a communicating of 48 years. This event is futile because the Brexit is inevitable due to the catastrophic failure of political leadership that our country suffers from. It is just that : fill that void. I hope that a Uk that is more open will emerge from the ashes of the Brexit “.

Came in because of Southampton, Clive Hillman and Suzanne Battison, retirees maugréaient against ” these political leaders absent at the time when the country must make its most important decision since the war “. “We are ordinary people, added they, it is we who will suffer the most from the Brexit “. Sarah Finnie, general practitioner claimed to be coming ” to defend the future of [s] es children “, and to honor the memory of his father. “He fought in the RAF in the European live free and lost a lot of comrades. It is for this reason that I fight passionately for the Brexit “.

Number of european expatriates and of mixed couples showed their concern. “Where is our union ?” asked a sign, when a man wrapped in a british flag held by the hand a woman wearing a shawl european blue and gold. “I don’t know what will my future and the future of my children, testified Geraldine Elliott, professor of French, installed last thirty years in England and married to a British. We are told that we will keep our right to stay-but we know nothing about it. The Brexit has given the green light to manifestations of xenophobia previously unknown “.

The tribune of the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan :   “the people of The uk should vote on the final agreement of the Brexit”

“Nobody has voted for the present chaos”

But in the immense snake human waved at a regular interval of a clamour excited, all the world was not as dark or pessimistic. “It is not too late to reverse the trend. There will come a time when Theresa May will have no other solution than to call for a second referendum, wanted to believe Jennie Westbrook, 31 years old, employed in a theatre. The people have not voted for what is happening now : a country broken in two, on the brink of civil war “. Like many walkers older than him, it was the first time that Daniel Taylor, 23, engineer student, put feet in an event. “I am proud to be in this huge crowd and fraternal, showed it. The government will not be able to ignore us. What we are asking for is not extreme : it is only the right to change your mind. Is this not the heart of democracy ? “

Trapped in the world, Whitehall, the avenue of large departments leading to Westminster was equipped with two giant screens broadcasting the statements of policy from a podium erected symbolically in front of the Parliament. No leader of the two major parties were not present – “Where is Jeremy Corbyn ?” chanted incidentally, ironically some of the protesters -but, for the first time in a parade anti-Brexit, the elected representatives of five of the main political parties – conservative, labour, libdem, SNP and Greens – took the floor together to ask for a new referendum. For the first two training courses which support or accept the Brexit, it was obviously of deputies in delicacy with the official line.

” Nobody has voted for the current mess. The majority, it is us now. We can win the battle ! “, launched the conservative member of parliament, Anna Soubry applauded with enthusiasm by the crowd, the majority of the left. “No agreement is better than the maintenance in the european Union “, has proclaimed his side the Labour Chuka Umunna, whose party hopes that the Brexit would lead to a crisis and new elections that he would win.

amazing Spectacle a few metres from Downing Street, the first minister pro-independence scottish Nicola Sturgeon, appeared on a giant screen via a recorded video pledging his unfailing support for a second referendum on the Brexit. The same morning, Dominic Grieve, conservative mp very listened to and a former attorney general (” attorney general “) himself had advocated the same solution. Noting that the negotiations on the Brexit were ” stalled “, Mr Grieve, head of the rebel tory pro-european said to the BBC that ” when you are faced with a problem of this kind (…), the only solution is to go back to the voters and ask them : “is this really what you wanted ?” “

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