sprout Hardly the first flowers, we tend to our ankles. The sock is to the enemy, the shaver to the Darling. And because nothing, except diamonds, in life, at some point, but again clouds, and the moaning is great. It winds! It is so cold down there! Ergo: We are not yet so far. And that is a good thing, because who wants to now reap in his Look really praise, Likes and Look-imitations, should close underneath the bag. With two pieces of clothing, the has guaranteed to be lying around each somewhere: a wide pair of trousers, and boots.

So it no longer pulls in these uncertain times guaranteed, come to the Trouser legs into the shaft. Banned Skinny Jeans, best of Look with Paperbag Pants succeed the geschoppt fluff up in the Boots, so beautiful and pludern. So the easy peasy hand-grip is not a nuisance, it should be the trousers, rather too long than too short, otherwise the hem out of the slips in the Seats again and again and constantly needs to be corrected. Sounds getting used to? Not if you keep the Outfit clean and the Trick to a solid color suit or to settle the upper parts.

And who invented it? Princess Diana!

Oh, Yes… Lady Di has brought us many a sigh. Think pants to your cyclists Sneaker-socks combo! Gorgeous. Even now, images from the ‘ 80s prove that you already wore, what we have now as well. Style icon forever.

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