easy-going Stroll, Sleep, eat, and Enjoy – should be a holiday. The holiday is to switch Off from everyday work, but this is mostly due to internal unrest in the Background. With some tips on Relaxing, however, succeed on every case.

Professional communications among

bind don’t you read the E-Mails, you have no business conversations and read any technical papers or other business information. If you are communicating for business, you are immediately back in with the thoughts at work, and the recovery effect is gone. You deliberately go offline.

Always online, never really “there”? One may ask: How accessible you need to be really? Or: do you make yourself unnecessary pressure in terms of social self-representation? The “Digital Detox”Trend continues on the temporary phone-zero-diet – and this especially for the health!


read more explore New environments

The easiest way to distraction in an unusual environment, since you can explore completely new. You can visit new places, whether at home or abroad, and discover unique places.

New activities

try out as well as new environments, new activities, excitement and relaxation can provide. Horse riding, rock Climbing, Paddling, cooking, Hiking – try something New, and maybe find a previously unrecognized passion. In addition, such experiences for lasting memories and leave you in the stressful everyday work, in part, to remember worry.

Shared experiences

Finally, you have enough time for his loved ones – take advantage of the time then also. Through common experiences, a connection is created, and shared memories. Through shared experiences we are reminded of by the Person at the good time, and so you can relax together.

New ideas

When the head was free in the holidays, he has now, finally, space for new ideas. Now you might be a brilliant business could come up with ideas, you want to distraction. The solution: Write down the idea, and then the topic is eaten again. If you want to find on the last day before work again in the working day, you can go the literal, and are ready to get you started.

doing nothing is a treat for the brain. But only the fewest manage it today, in fact, the Idleness add. With these 6 tips the Whole workout.