Rich Foundations

A liquid Make-up, the super covers and in the best case, even moisture, is a Winter favorite. In the summer of 2019, it remains the very back of the closet, because we want naturalness!

A day cream, which donates a lot of moisture (as it would be, for example, with this Marshmallow Version?), UV protection and a lightweight BB cream.


The Scandi Girls have set the Trend in the last year, on the Plan Of the Mascara, we let from now on the Finger! This is not just convenient when it comes to the working day on a jump in the Badi, but also looks super fresh and young. Anyone who has very light lashes, saved with a unique colour to the morning Stress.

eyelash serums! The are quickly applied, and after a short period of time to ensure that our eyelashes also without ink for attention.


Insta-what? Eyebrows, the front bright and the back dark, perfectly plucked, and strongly emphasizes, to be celebrated in the Social networks (and Kylie Jenner). We have no desire to so much work, especially when the lake is calling.

Clear Eye brow gel that we use to brush the hairs only to the top. Who can’t do without a bit of color, reach for the tinted version.

Dark cream-lipsticks

in the autumn and In the Winter dark cream lipsticks for the care and great color, all in one. In the summer, we want to know of the rich Texture but nothing.

water-resistant candidates in the pretty berry and Nude shades. Also after the jump into the water – or the Snog with the summer flirt – still there, where they belong.

Mattifying powder

At the end of the Make-up Look is fixed with a matte powder? Not this summer! We end it with the mask-like Finish that looks perfect, but unnatural.

A Setting Spray Dewy effect. So our Make-up lasts all day – and we have a fresh like after a walk in the summer rain!

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