The teaching job search can be nerve-wracking. For most young people it is the first contact with the world of work, the mechanisms of a large puzzle. The apprenticeship exchange Yousty asked, therefore, in their survey with 798 Operated, the criteria according to which the staff responsible to choose their apprentices. The scale ranges from 1 (not important) to 6 (very important).

“There is no second Chance for a first impression” is so beautiful. Who does when you Sniff a good case, has the best chances of getting a Teaching. Unfortunately, not all companies offer the introductory lesson. Overall rating: 5,78

Similar to point 1: Who lying in direct contact with the apprentice responsible for a good appearance, is in the advantage. Overall rating: 5,55

Who is in direct contact with people quickly to be insecure, is not without a chance. A clean put together the application dossier counts almost as much in finding an Apprenticeship. Overall standings in the pros: 5,43

Good to know for all with learning difficulties: Behavior is more important than grades! The apprentice recruiter to look in the testimony, namely, first, the conduct descriptions, only the bare Figures. Overall rating: 5,4

you can cause panic and sleepless nights. And if you are good, make you proud. For the apprentice recruiter, you come to the fifth place. There is obviously more important than to Shine. Overall rating: 4,67

they are put together painstakingly and calling old Acquaintances. If it needs you in the end? The survey suggests that they are at least crucial. Overall rating: 4,42

hot professional Check, interlocking test, multi-check, et cetera. Tedious, chargeable, but unfortunately to some extent still required. Overall rating: 4,17