The air is cool, and it darkens earlier, earlier and earlier. Grey sky is dripping. The everyday life has us groaning in the grip of, in the Morning and in the evening, through the day and in the Dreams and the Pitter-patter and we Pitter-patter under his command, the harder, resistant, weather-resistant than any army. Only work makes from apes – that made us the large ideologies, Protestantism, communism, capitalism always already know. A human face has only toils who. So we have to be lubricated, so we lubricate ourselves to be proficient worker to a cog in the great clockwork.

This must not be. Every day is a good day to be stupid routines to mock and leichtf üssigerer man. Let’s get started. We’re on vacation. Drag the spirit of the holiday summer in our herb transparent everyday.

So relaxing, so free

Because even at home we feel like a Tourist in a distant, foreign country. Also on your doorstep you’ll find attractions. Perhaps you will discover a clown Museum? Or you don’t visit a Bar, you drink an acidic wine for a hefty price tag; but no, you are angry now, because in foreign countries, foreign customs. You SIP your glass and look at the incoming wife, the looks transparent like a sea horse and moved like a cat, so casual and flexible, she strolls over to the nearest table, a luxury, creature, think, and nothing more.

your phone calls. You can ignore it. Just like on the beaches of Brittany. Where the Wind went through your hair and you could be led by any ringtone. This is beautiful. So relaxing. So free.

Small changes, big impact

Less TV, this is your November-intent. During the holidays, they also came without. What about the screen shimmers, makes your heart tired. You want real life, not its Simulation.

put on small changes with a big impact. Before you enter your workplace, stop, breathe, look up, see the sky, breathe in, and then, only then, you go inside.

Or you can recognize: Even holiday are ideology-soaked, because only the one who works, has a claim to. And so you remain quite consistent – in the bed. Everything will be fine.

Ursula von Arx is always a consequence – theoretically. She writes every second Monday in the VIEW.