Rather than going to the canteen or in the Restaurant to eat, there are many Working now in the home office prior to the challenge, to cook for themselves and their families. Ideal for lunch, quick recipes that are healthy and delicious.

the importance of a balanced diet for the well-being and health, white, the Swiss cookery book author Nadia Damaso (24). Her Credo: “Let the fingers of finished products, cook fresh, and be creative!” The author of several cookery book-Bestseller puts a lot of value on high-quality products. “Because what you eat has an impact not only on the body but also on mind and soul, on the energy Level, and how fit it is in the brain,” she says.

immune system food to strengthen

in the present time, it is necessary to care and to strengthen the immune system. For you it begins with a full and fresh food.

According to desire and mood can be conjured up from fresh ingredients is a quick dish, important Damaso especially “colorful, nutritious ingredients are”. Many healthy recipes she provides in the Internet in her new Ebook “Nadia’s 30 Day Cooking challenge”, for which you can pay an amount at its sole discretion. Many of the recipe ideas are also suitable for the lunch break in the home office or Breakfast before work. Three of them presents a VIEW of them here:

Creamy Cashew-Curry-carrots in the Vollkornwrap

(Makes two servings)

For this recipe Cashwekerne be inserted about 20-30 minutes before the lunch break in hot water. The Rest is quickly prepared.

quantity ingredients 2-3Vollkorntortillas6-8mittelgrosse Karotten50 gZwiebelsprossen4-5längs quartered figs

quantity ingredients 120 gCashewnüsse1Zitrone (juice and zest)150 mlMilch to Wahl1 TLZwiebelpulver1 TLKnoblauchpulver2 TLmildes or sharp Curry2-3 TLSüssmittel, e.g. pepper

cashew nuts soak in honey as desired salt-as desired 20-30 minutes in hot water , drain. All the ingredients of the cream mix and to add milk to get a thick cream. Carrot peel and grate.The grated carrots on medium heat in a frying pan and fry the cashew cream add. With Stirring, 5-7 minutes to fry. If it is less, makes more crust. 2-3 tablespoons of the cream to two-thirds the surface area of the Tortillas and sprinkle with onion sprouts and Fig-quarters of the show. Then roll it in.The Wraps can also be used in a frying pan over a medium heat for fried, if you like them crispy. After Cooling, diagonally cut in half.

Damasos tip: Instead of the onion sprouts is also each leaf of lettuce.

rice noodles and vegetables with peanut-soy-Sauce

(Makes two servings)

quantity ingredients 160-180 gVollkornreisnudeln1 TLKokosöl4 ELEdamame2Karotten in Nudelstreifen1rote Pepperoni/peppers in fine Streifen1 ELweisse Sesamsamen1 ELgehackte peanuts

quantity ingredients 2 ELErdnussbutter2-3 ELTamari or Sojasauce4 ELMilch to Wahl1 1/2 TLChilipulver2 TLZwiebelpulver2 TLKnoblauchpulver2-3 TLAhornsirupbeliebigSalzbeliebigpfefferbeliebiggehackte peanuts

boil a Lot of water with a pinch of salt in a saucepan and add rice noodles. All the more bring to the boil, then reduce heat slightly and 5-6 minutes to simmer. Then drain and quenching with cold water.Coconut oil in a frying pan and Edamame, carrots and Peppers to add. 5-6 minutes of frying and stirring. Sesame seeds and peanuts under Ruühren and another 5 minutes at medium heat, fry and stir.All the ingredients of the peanut-soy Sauce with a stick blender process until creamy.Vegetables with the noodles and the Sauce in a pan, mix and heat, serve. For Garnish peanuts can be used. 10-minute-muesli with spiced carrots, raspberries and lemon balm

(two Breakfast servings)

quantity ingredients 4-5 ELgrobe Haferflocken2 ELSonnenblumenkerne3 ELMandelblättchen1 PriseHimalayasalz1 ELAhorn or Dattelsirup4entsteinte Medjool-dates

quantity ingredients 4mittelgrosse Carrots2 ELKokosraspel2 TLKokosblütenzucker1 PriseHimalayasalz1 PriseMuskatnuss1/4 TLgemahlener Zimt1/4 TLgemahlener Kardamom1 TLVanillepaste

quantity ingredients 250 gfrische or frozen Himbeeren2-3 elwasser any syrup, coconut blossom sugar or Honey1 Federal lemon balm or mint maple roasting any milk of your choice (e.g. oat, Cashew or almond milk)

rolled oats, sunflower seeds, almond leaves, salt and maple or date syrup in a wide pan on medium heat, Stirring constantly for 10 minutes until Golden brown. Then allow to cool completely and then cut into small pieces dates to give.Carrots, peel, finely grated, and in a wide frying pan 2 tablespoons of heat water. The carrots are steamed until the water has evaporated. All the spices and the grated coconut and add to medium heat for 8-10 minutes fry. Remove from the heat.Water and raspberries in a pan, simmer and to taste sweet. The raspberries are soft, they can be with a fork, lightly crushed. All good verrrühren and of the stove remove.First of all, the finished muesli in bowls, then the carrot mixture and a little of the raspberries to give. If you like, you can garnish the Whole thing with lemon balm leaflets and to taste with a little honey and a milk choice enjoy.

Damasos tip: prepare If it is to go faster, twice the amount of muesli. It will keep in a sealable jar in the fridge for 3-4 days. So you have to be ready in the morning the muesli freshly. For a gluten-free variant, you can flakes gluten-free Oat or amaranth flakes use.

Swiss food blogger Nadia Damaso

at the age of 19, published Nadia Damaso (23), her first cookbook, “Eat Better Not Less”, the led for 16 weeks in the bestsellers list. 2017 Eat Better Not Less – Around the World”, a travel-cookbook, which was also the No. 1 best selling “followed. Together with the Bio-brand Wyld Damaso brought out well in the beginning of 2019 your own muesli, Granola and Crunchy product line.

the sympathetic and creative cookbook author in the Grisons mountains Grew up. Since her youth, cooks and photographed the 23-Year-old passionate. Your joy you share with other people on your Blog. Their Motto is “Eat Better Not Less” is not only a way to feed themselves, but also a Lifestyle. Today, Damaso has around 160’000 Fans on Instagram.

Penne in Gorgonzola

Pasta is a feel-good food and darling, if it must go fast. With the creamy and aromatic Gorgonzola cheese, nothing can go wrong.

400 g Penne
400 g Gorgonzola cheese
1 small leek
200 g spinach
1 lemon
2.5 dl Halbrahm
a little olive oil
salt and pepper

Penne cook according to the package instructions. Wash spinach, drain. Wash leeks, cut finely and in a high, wide nonstick pan with a little olive oil to the sauté, add spinach and sauté until it is collapsed. Gorgonzola cheese in breadcrumbs and over a low flame to simmer until it is a liquid.
Halbrahm, stir and season with lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Pasta under the Sauce, mix and serve immediately.

fruit and vegetables: The more colorful, the healthier!

is rich in nutrients, a court, often shows a view of the plates: The more monotonous, the colors, the greater the likelihood that essential nutrients are missing during the day. Why it is healthy to eat as many colors of the rainbow, says Janet Brancato, from The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood (United States).