If you exercise on an empty stomach, the energy storage quickly with a full stomach make you sick. Are you familiar with this Dilemma? We give tips on how to eat before and after exercise on the best.

What are you allowed before a workout eat?

What you should do before the workout eat, depends on the duration and intensity of the sports. Before a strict endurance of an hour or strength training, it is advisable to fill the carbohydrate stores with a low-fat, and easily digestible dishes. However, be careful not to eat directly before the activity and after large meals two to three hours break. If you prefer morning exercise, and/or a quick burst of energy and needs to eat before the workout is best to have a Snack like a banana or a small sandwich. To train with a completely empty stomach is not recommended because of the lack of energy.

What you should eat during the training?

people Who have not trained longer than an hour, can withstand this time without food. In the case of a half-marathon, Marathon, or other Race after the first hour, approximately every 30 minutes should be taken with a light Snack (e.g. bars or banana).

What you should eat after a workout?

Since the body uses during a workout directly on the carbohydrate and fat storage, you can get then quickly the Hunger is noticeable. Carbohydrates can now be used in combination with a protein particularly well utilized and help in the Regeneration! Who has a strength training behind him, the tiny Muscle tears on the best protein-rich foods. These are recommended for good saturation even in the case of a weight reduction. Should do without you now, alcohol and fat, as they slow down the energy, combustion and the regeneration time longer.

have a drink, not

forget all the consideration on the meals before and after exercise adequate fluid intake is even more important. By sweating, the body gives off a lot of fluid and it can quickly come to the performance of the buses – a deficit which should be compensated.

Who to lose weight or want to take, you’ll end up counting the calories. Pineapple supposedly fat will disappear, a lot of Welding is to reduce calories and slow food promotes, apparently, the feeling of satiety. But what is really true? A VIEW does away with the five calorie myths.

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