The annual vacation planning with a dog is. The big question: Where should it go? Finally, the change of scenery, you should also prepare a dog the joy. And it doesn’t should cause him to long rides, heat, or an unsuitable living situation Stress. Also flying with the dog should be well and clarified thinking: The animal must travel the entire flight time, including the time from the security check in a kennel for many dogs is a huge stress.

The right Destination for holidays with dogs

Therefore, it makes sense to travel early to prepare and travel to a destination in a reasonable distance to choose. The Swiss animal advises protection and stresses that countries with hot and humid climate were unsuitable, in particular, this includes all tropical countries. Add to that some regions are contaminated with parasites that can infest the dog. A great danger of the heartworm, which is transmitted in many of the Mediterranean countries by mosquitoes. He remains undetected, can the course of the disease for the dog to be fatal. It is recommended to inquire before a trip in the South of Europe, the veterinarian. Added to this are the statutory regulations, such as vaccination and identification rules as well as the linen and muzzle obligation, which vary from country to country.

Who makes in Switzerland vacation, can now take his dog. These are the best destinations for holiday with the dog.

With the plane travel?

in Addition to the choice of destination is also the question as to the appropriate means of transport. Flying is convenient and fast for the dogs, however, a large psychological burden. Small dogs are even allowed to travel in a waterproof container in the passenger cabin. Greater to have to content themselves with the air-conditioned baggage compartment of the aircraft (the rules of the Airlines may vary, check). Those who opt for it, you should get used to his dog for at least three months prior to the departure of this Box. “In addition, it must be ensured that in the Box there is plenty of food and water”, – writes the Swiss animal protection. In addition, the animals during the flight, are exposed to excessive noise, which can lead to Stress. “Of tranquilizers for the flight, the trip rates of people”, further informed the Swiss animal protection. Reason: “Such means can, in combination with the air pressure changes and the Stress of a plane trip to circulatory problems.”

tourists with more and more, your dog or cat in the holiday. In the case of the Swiss, the number of animal passengers rose in just one year, by a quarter.

by car

Well, it is the dog in his “pack” in the car. In this case, sufficient time should be and, above all, jam shunned factored in. The safest place is the usual box. There, the dog does not have to lie only, but also can stand up. It also is important that he is not left in the heat in the car can be fatal! In the case of longer car should be all loaded trips for two hours for a break so he can drink the water and the Gas can go. You can feed your dog during the trip, but a few hours before. A longer trip by train is not recommended, as there is in the full plenty of space for dogs, many people lead to Stress. In addition, a train does not provide enough breaks.

summer time is vacation time and many travel with the dogs. What you have to consider if you want to travel with a dog and a car in the holidays?

Not only people, even Pets suffer from the high summer temperatures. VIEW explains how to keep Pets from sun and heat.

documents for abroad when Travelling with the dog

a dog owner in need of within the EU with a pet passport (Switzerland or EU), so that the anti-rabies vaccination and the registration of the dog can be detected. This must be issued by a veterinarian in Switzerland. In addition, a marking by means of microchip or tattoo, if this in front of the 4. July 2011 was made, is required.

get prior to each trip the current information. “In Italy, a muzzle is compulsory, in principle, in Denmark, the dogs must be on a leash,” says animal rights activist Susy Utzinger. The rules would change constantly. “Good experience I had in France and Hungary. There, dogs are usually welcome.” Your “Susy Utzinger Stiftung” has summarized all the points in a brochure. Utzinger: “You should also ask about the return journey of the provisions in the Switzerland. Depending on the destination country, this can be a problem.”

For the border crossing the passport is necessary. It is also, in addition, a health certificate and/or other formalities may be required.

In the normal case, it is required to have a valid rabies vaccination. It is also parasite treatments or blood analysis can be a condition.

the blood analysis and the preparation of the relevant documents can take several weeks.

A micro-chip is for most of the border crossings is mandatory.

In some countries ban on entry for a docked tail dogs, breed bans and/or muzzle are obligatory.

information for re-entry into Switzerland, as well as the addresses of foreign veterinary authorities around the world to you when Federal food safety and veterinary office in Bern, Tel. +41 (0)58 463 30 33, E-Mail:

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