Some of the cups in the run-up to Christmas and the end of the year in such a way that it is of queasy. “After Christmas and new year, we have significantly more applications,” says Peter Eggli (59), head of the Department of counseling and therapy at the Zurich-based specialist for the prevention of alcohol problems.

That the moist can have joyful days also health consequences, is documented since the 1970s. For the first Time, was speaking of the “holiday heart syndrome” (Holiday Heart Syndrome). It, inter alia, irregular heart called beat or changes in blood pressure or even heart attacks, according to saufseligen holidays.

no, from a health viewpoint, alcohol is never good, period.. But there is a sustainable level: “Healthy adult men should not take more than two glasses and women more than one alcoholic drink per day.”, Daniel Dauwalder, a spokesman for the Federal office for health (BAG) is recommended.

the recommendation of the BAG: “men should not consume more than five and women more than four Standard glasses”. A standard glass (10 to 12 grams of pure alcohol ) 1 glass of wine à 1,25 dl, 3dl beer, 2cl brandy. Not to drink every day, advises Peter Eggli. “And in between, water, an alcohol-free beer or juice to drink. Dare to ask whether something other than alcohol.”

alcohol ?

Teenagers, Pregnant women, the Sick, people with alcohol problem.

the fact is: Exactly the amount that someone is inside filled in, must process the body. There’s no walk in the Park, not the food and no Aspirin helps. But if you eat something Good, doesn’t feel as fast blue. Because high-fat foods delay alcohol absorption in the blood. Disadvantage: You will feel fitter than you and pichelt more. The alcohol content have a pig roast or a half a Cup of olive oil will have no effect.

The best way: don’t drink so much! The second best: Fuselalkohole avoid fires (and in some fruit, whole fruits with peel are distilled or Brandy, Whisky or Rum). No sugary Mix Drinks in tilt. In the case of a type of Alcohol wine or beer, best to stay.

here, Too, the best way is to keep Mass! The symptoms – Nausea, dizziness, headache, fatigue – are based on a lack of fluid. The degradation products of the alcohol from the wash water by the kidney, with the water, the body also loses minerals such as potassium, sodium, Magnesium and calcium. Because of this lack of the head. Not bad at all, special Anti-hangover mixtures from the pharmacy. Also, the home remedies Bismarck herring helps. Beware of drugs: The liver has enough to do already.

This is nonsense. The order in which the beverage plays no role for the Are located the next Morning.

Warm or carbonated drinks stimulate the blood circulation to the gastric mucosa, and to ensure that the alcohol is excreted even faster into the blood. Warm alcohol works faster, but rather because of Grog or mulled wine are sweet, and you don’t notice the alcohol so quickly, and it quickly tilts. The possible harmful effects on the organism, but not otherwise than is the case with cold Drinks.

Yes. Women tolerate alcohol is worse and should drink less. Because they are lighter and the metabolism is different.

And whether! Alcohol has potatoes 7 kcal (calories) per gram, compared to fat which contains 9 kcal per gram, and carbs (pasta) which contain at 3.75 kcal per gram. A pint of beer contains approximately the amount of calories as a candy bar and a regular glass of wine contains the same amount as a milk coffee with two sugars.

no. The consumption of the weekly alcohol limit in one night is not healthier than the regular consumption. Coma drinkers have twice as often from a heart attack than those who drink regelmässg lower amounts.

Stay! Alcoholic beverage mixed with caffeine-containing Energy Drinks, can lead to higher blood pressure and the risk for kardiovaskoläre diseases increase.