pictures of the lush, blooming lavender fields, as they are mainly in Provence to be found, yet once the hot summer days of dream. For us, it blooms until late summer and autumn.

Around 25 different lavender varieties there are. Popular the Plant not only attracts because of their color and fragrance, the bees and butterflies, but also because lavender needs little care and is versatile, can be used. It thrives in Sunny locations in soil or pot is gorgeous and comes with only a little water.

in Addition, lavender aphids to keep in a natural way, why it is often planted with roses. These color and flower combination looks great and makes sense.

pruning is important

The most Important thing in the care of lavender on the cut. Regular pruning prevents the Lignify of the lavender shrubs.

In the spring the plants should be cut back to a maximum about two-thirds. In the summer, can be made up to a maximum of half of a rear section, and the spent flowers cut off. In the autumn, however, it is not advisable to cut lavender. The fresh cut could affect in case of Frost, the otherwise hardy plants.

a Pleasant room fragrance, soothing teas, moth protection

Who will get the lavender scent in the house and even the summer, to breathe, should now still have some blooming lavender cut and bound into a bouquet in the apartment. Also dried, hung upside down, looks like a lavender sträusschen decorative and ensures a pleasant room scent.

The aromatic flowers of the lavender, with its valuable essential oil is also said to have a calming effect. As a Tea it should help against headaches and to calm the nerves. In a small cotton pillow with a sufficient amount of dried flowers can also make for a good night’s sleep.

Or hang the scented sachet in the wardrobe, it makes for a pleasant linen fragrance. In addition, lavender to prevent moths in the closet. Also can soap lavender is relatively easy, Oil or bath salts are manufactured by ourselves. A relaxing bath with fragrant lavender scent it leaves in the Winter dreaming of summer.