a river, A lake, a Badi, only a dive away. The warm Season offers the opportunity to operate a Fitness-sports, which doesn’t seem to sweat. One of the most original, is one of the easiest. What does it take for to Swim except for a Bikini, swimming trunks and perhaps a cap? Especially in the summer, the missing, what a lot of Amateur swimmers sucks otherwise: the feeling of panting and counting with chlorine in the nose of the tiles of the natatorium. Under the open sky, everything seems much more natural.

The Swim is a veritable national sport. Around three million people in Switzerland said to rise at least 20 Times in the year into the water, according to the study “Sport Switzerland 2014”. For nearly four percent of the population, it is sports not the main. Because you know that Swimming is very healthy.

8000 years Old is the first swimming certificate
There are cave paintings in Libya. They show figures in the Breaststroke. In the middle ages it was forbidden because of the physical Entblössung. In the enlightenment of the 18th century. Century was to Swim a virtue – and the first Badis were created. the 500 ml of Sweat can sweating lose
is to protect us from Overheating. Even more amazing is that we have to lose in the water Sweat. In the case of performance of swimmers but this is exactly the case. At water temperatures of 26 degrees you will lose between 200 and 500 ml per hour. the 37 people drowned in 2018 in Switzerland
A year ago it was 41. In three-quarters of the cases, it hits men. Many of them are of foreign origin, in 2016, they accounted for half of the Drowned. Usually refugees who can’t swim. The majority of fatal accidents happen in unsupervised open waters.

For legs, for arms, for the fuselage

“Swimming is an efficient and joint-gentle whole body workout, nearly every muscle of the body is activated”, says Dr. med. Alexandra Kronenberg (41) together. She is a specialist for Internal medicine FMH, but also trained in sports medicine SGSM, coached Teams and individual athletes in various disciplines. Kronenberg does not know the water is only from the outside, she is an active triathlete, has taken part in the famous Ironman Hawaii and finished this successfully.

legs, arms, torso: Everything is strengthened when Swimming. An effect of this one element that makes planet earth so special: H2O. Water. In this other laws of nature apply, than when Jogging on Land. In the water only one-tenth of the weight rests on the body. You will feel almost weightless. Although, it comes more slowly, but “the movements in the water easier than on Land,” said Doctor Kronenberg. Good for people with joint problems or Obesity.

risk of injury

The water even makes for a little Massage during the sport: “Due to the hydrostatic pressure, the connective tissue is massaged so that the venous return is improved,” says Kronenberg. The hydrostatic pressure is that which results from the effect of gravity on the water. Another Plus to the expert: “The Airways are irritated by the moist environment less, which can also be an advantage for asthmatics.” What applies, of course, especially when Swimming in waters less chlorine baths.

A sprained ankle, a stretched muscle, a bruise somewhere on your body: in The Swim are typical sports injuries are the absolute exception. Completely safe, the water sports are not all the same. Especially not, when you swim hard and long. “The term swimmer’s shoulder is not by chance,” says Kronenberg. That the shoulder is exposed when Swimming, especially Expo, everyone can understand, looks a crawl movement. Tendons and bursae in the joint can ignite if they become heavily loaded. In the case of Amateurs, an incorrect technique is often responsible for the pain, in the case of professionals, it is the high training load with a mileage of 100 kilometers and more per week. In the water, of course.

you can Relax the neck

a lot of swimmers can suffer from knee problems. The frog-like movement of the legs in the breast-technical charged to these joints. People with knee problems is not recommended by the breast swimming. Back pain can occur in the case of Dolphin specialists.

layman must note that let your head desperately above the water, and so put strain on your spine. Fact: Swimming is a water sport. Also, since the head can be wet.

Small cause, big effect

The biggest Problem for swimmers is the fact that the man is now the living beings once no water remains. “In the heat of the summer of 2015, it came to fifty deadly Although in Switzerland,” recalls Kronenberg. The victims were by no means the only bad swimmer. “A health Problem such as a spasm or respiratory distress can quickly lead to a life-threatening Situation.”

The fastest swimmer of all time, the Brazilian César Cielo Filho, scratched the 100 meters in world record time of 46,91 seconds. Jamaica’s Usain Bolt sprints the same distance on Land, and in about a fifth of the time (9,58). No comparison shows clearly that, for Actually the man on the Land belongs to, nothing in the water. But that is exactly why Swimming fascinates us so much.

Dirk Thölking is the head coach at the swimming club Aarefisch in Aarau, AG. These four tips he gives Hobby floats with the summer activities in the basin.

1. “Without any effort

“drive” you first simply times into the water, find the right position in the water. So you float without effort on the surface. Too many swimmers consume too much energy to stay on the surface of the water.”

2. “First of all, on the back”

“The most sensible technique for the casual swimmer would be back. The movement is easiest. What the majority holds, is the orientation. Ideally, it floats on a separate track.”

3. “The chest”

“If the hairstyle is more important than the Swimming, okay. But then it’s not really the breast technique. The head should always be in line with the spine. The face is in the water.”

4. “Let

” advise “the one Who sees, if he does everything right. Ask a floating-savvy friend or an expert, whether he’s watching you Swim, and then a Feedback may be.”

Swimming is one of the healthiest sports as it is easy on the joints and not only strength and endurance but also coordination and agility training. In addition, calories are of course burnt – in some cases even more than one thinks. A view shows how you can use the welcome cooling on hot summer at the same time, as a sports Workout.