Especially in times of crisis, many people suffer from anxiety. The uncomfortable feeling is overwhelming and can be debilitating. How to quickly overcome the feeling of anxiety in everyday life.

Because of the war in Ukraine, many people continue to suffer from constant worries and fears. I experience this first hand in my practice. This mental tension is not only uncomfortable but also harmful. Because it can lead to stress-related diseases, high blood pressure, emotional instability, irritability, but also to depressive moods.

That is why it is important to do something specifically against this restlessness. Here are the five best first aid strategies for anxiety that anyone can use right away.

As a psychologist, Anke Precht is particularly concerned with the topics of resilience and mental strength. She has been working therapeutically with hypnosis for over 20 years. Precht is the mother of three children and lives in a blended family in Offenburg.

“When life kicks your ass, use the momentum” by Anke Precht. In the book you will find more first aid strategies against fear.

All exercises can of course be used separately. I always recommend doing as much of it as possible, because it is simply good for you and enriches your life!