walls have a bad reputation these days – Donald trump’s Mexico plans thank. Wherever walls to set limits, provide for resentment and separation. An exception to weathered walls, which for centuries in the landscape beautifully. It is an impressive example of this is the most powerful wall in the history of mankind: the great wall of China is.

Built in, you have the Emperor of the Ming dynasty, the the the middle Kingdom between the 14. and the 17. Century-ruled. They wanted to have with the Monsterbau, to the millions of Chinese worked against the Mongol armies to protect the North. Has not used the last a lot of difference. In 1644 the Mongols stormed the fortified border, however, and fell in the Chinese capital of Beijing. The walls have lost their purpose as a military stronghold and is, since then, lonely as a Monument in the Chinese Wide.

The great wall of China is a wonder

a tourist destination, it has long been – for Selfie-shooting day-trippers from Beijing. Always popular, the wall is, however, for some time, in the case of foreign hikers who want boots on the forever long Wahnsinnsbau and the beauty of the Chinese landscape experience. The wall-Hiking Trend has even created an infrastructure with local Guides. Also specialized international tour operators offer guided tours. The wall fever grabs us immediately, as we are for the first Time in front of the building. A steep climb up the stone steps. And after half an hour of climbing, we are also the largest structure in the history.

So the paradox is this: The wall, which was built for the defense of foreign Nations, today makes exactly the opposite. It attracts people from all over the world. Mr. Liu is one of the many Chinese, who are pleased by this. He stands at the top of the restored section of the wall at Mutianyu and sold to a small Stand of Souvenirs. “Who will make it up here, this T-Shirt to buy”, the opposite says Mr. Liu, and reaches out to us “I’ve” stormed “the wall”- camisole.

The climb up to Mr. Liu’s status is actually exhausting. But the real adventure is walking behind it. There, the wall begins the section with the name of the great wall (for ease of reference, different part will be referred to pieces with a proper name). Here the wall is wild, some scruffy and in your up to the horizon snake form that is incredibly impressive. The great wall-the wall looks exactly the same as it was then, in 1644, when the Mongols into the Chinese Empire invaded. On some of the fired bricks, the great wall-the wall was built, are still in use today, the old burning to recognize the temple, the specify the exact place and the exact date of manufacture.

wilder, the wall at Huanghua Cheng, the “city of the yellow flowers”. Here is a hike to the tricky Kraxelei. Trees grow out of the old watch-towers, and scrub blocked the foot path. Again and again we have to find our way through the centuries, the forest on the wall. Also here is the incredible construction drags on forever, the hills along, always at the top of the ridge that goes up and down quite nicely in the legs. However, the differences in height had its purpose: The soldiers, the guard stood here for centuries, had to finally be able to keep track of.

Chestnuts pickers and corn planters

perhaps The most beautiful section of the wild great wall, the hikers today can be used to explore means Gubeiko. The Chinese describe this section as “the white dragon”. In the shadow of the wall, farmers collect chestnuts and plant Maize and millet. You rise to greet the hikers, mostly wordlessly under the flat straw hats. Some of them have to be recognized in the foreign hikers that show up from time to time on the horizon, a profitable business. They have converted their farms into small Bed & Breakfasts and offer hot meals. Authentic as here you can taste the Chinese delicacies hardly anywhere.


The Swiss offers daily direct flights from Zurich to Beijing (flight time: approx. 10 hours).

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It is recommended to explore the wall accompanied by a Chinese tour guide. Some stretches are dangerous, the path leads through some rough terrain. Who dabeihat no local guide, takes unnecessary risks. Organized Hiking tours on the wall, the Swiss tour operator Imbach offers.


The food in Northern China is very varied and for Western stomachs highly digestible. Staple sticky rice, served with various meat and vegetable variations.


On the country, there are virtually no large Hotels. You can spend the night in a small “Homestays” in farmers and in simple Hostels.


Apart from the two restored and with all the tourist amenities the equipped wall of Mutianyu and Badaling sections requires Hiking on the great wall of China is a good basic level of fitness, suitable footwear and a head for heights.

After the Second world war and the victory in the civil war against the Chinese troops, the Communists reasons on 1. October 1949, the people’s Republic. How has changed in China since then?