traveling The Travelita-blogger Anita Brechbühl (31) around the world and shoot in impressive images, often only with the Smartphone. While she makes for her travel blog with a camera photos, that looks on the social networks is quite different: “On my Instagram Account I post to today, the majority of cell phone photos and belong likely to a minority.”

Top tips from Travelita The most Important thing: pay Attention to the light conditions . “The best images are created with soft lighting in the Morning and evening hours,” says Brechbühl.In addition, it is important to pay attention to the composition of the image elements . The main subject should not be placed in the center. A photo can be according to Brechbühl exciting, if special view angle searched and unusual items will be tried.Then, of course, also the technical hand-holding can be practical. the contrast, brightness and white balance of the images can be optimized with an App. Brechbühls favorite is VSCO.Last a simple, but very effective tip: The Smartphone lens regularly clean comes .

So Brechbühl captures everything that fascinates you. Include “my favorite motifs, impressive Landscapes and exciting architectural compositions”, tells the from Berne, who lives in Zurich. In principle, but very open: “to Me it is more about the specifics of a Region to capture, instead of favorite to repeat subjects.”

Brechbühl, which operates in addition to professionally the Blog has a soft spot for the regions and cities that are not yet on the ubiquitous Top-lists. “So I think goals always on the lookout for seasonal interesting trip to surprise my readers with special places.” At the end of October Brechbühl travels to England, in the Lake District. “Hardly anyone has the national Park in the North West of England as a colourful autumn target.”

nature provides variety to the everyday life in front of the screen

In her spare Time, Brechbühl is like to be outdoors. To discover “new places, to be out in the fresh air and to come into contact with other cultures is a thrill for me.” The spatial and transport planner, I like it to have a lot of variety to your work at the Computer: “In my Job, I spend so many hours in front of the screen, that it is important for me is, my free time with Hiking, make Bike rides or walks actively.”

the best images of The VIEWS of the Community

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