Tina Turner (79) spoke openly about her son Craig (†59), took a year ago, the life. In the TV Interview with the American TV presenter Gayle King (64) let the music icon by look, as it has succeeded to process the tragedy: “I have hanging in my house in the pictures of Craig on the walls, on which he smiles. I feel deep in me that he is in a better place. I can feel it!” The “Proud Mary”-the Star says: “I think he was lonely. Has it impacted more than anything else.”

The legendary singer also revealed that she had originally rejected the greatest love witness of her German husband. Erwin Bach (63) had offered her in 2016, immediately one of his kidneys, as they suffered from organ failure (“I only had a 20% renal function”). She said: “I said to Erwin: “Thank you, Darling, but you’re young and I’m old. I can handle this.” In Buddhism, you are taught that you live and that you die. This is something that you have to accept it.” At the end of her 16 years younger husband was able to persuade you but, one of his kidneys to adopt.

No wonder, then, that Turner raves about the marriage with the record producers: “When we gave ourselves six years ago, the Yes-word, for me it was the first real marriage.” Because you – on paper – first husband Ike Turner (†76) had a forced marriage: “I had to say Yes, because it would have been a big fight after he asked me. This is not how I had imagined my wedding.” As she talks about her first husband, she struggles with the tears. “I get emotional, because Ike was in the beginning very good to me.”

Turner completes Comeback from

Turner, who lives with Bach, in Küsnacht ZH, and now also a Swiss citizen, has never regretted that she has drawn in 2007 from the music business. A Comeback is ruled out for you: “After my last appearance, I boarded the plane, have a few deep breaths and was glad that it is over. Then I’m home.”

The throw-in to the presenter that her Fans miss her performances up to today, very, answered Turner with a deep, roaring Laugh: “That’s okay. You can watch Videos of me, where I jump around on stage, and enjoy. But for me, this section is over.” (ds)

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