the Reality of celebrity and rider Tina Lund distributed the other two necklaces on her Instagram profile. Necklaces, which ended up being assigned to her husband’s daughter.

Now, she explains how the prize ended up there and not at one of the participating, she did not know.

“Well, I had let my son, Louis, choose, who he thought should win,” says Lund.

“Usually, so he says just stop at a random name, but then recognizes the name and said they should go to her, and so I think really just, it was sweet, and so went the necklaces to his sister.”

The two necklaces are for a total value of 1655 crowns, and in order to be eligible for the prize you would like the store’s page and write ‘necklace’ as the comment for the lookup.

Something, as the 16-year-old sister, who is the daughter of Tina Lund’s husband, former footballer Allan Nielsen had done.

“I couldn’t really get a reason why she should not win, since I had said to Louis that he may determine. So I could not just take it back.”

Tina Lund explains that it all really just was done in a good sense, and she hopes not, it is something that those participating in the contest will be outraged.

Can you understand if people who have participated, are angered over this kind of dispensation?

“I don’t know, I can understand if people get pissed off. She has participated like everyone else.,” reads the response from the Grove, which elaborates;

“I don’t quite know, though I think it is fair. I simply don’t know what I think, but it certainly was not done in any vicious sense.”

so What if your son chooses his sister the next time, he must determine the winner for a give-away?

“Not so, I would probably say that he should find another. It should not be the same as the prize every time. But I have really had some ‘give-aways’, and there are prizes gone to all sorts of different.,” says Tina Lund.

She affirms, that there is so much more in the case, that her son thought it would be a sweet gesture, and that she could not draw back on its promise, that he had to choose the winner.

“I have all the time hoped that the necklaces would just awaken joy, and I also hope they do for my son’s sæster.”

While she explains about the advertisement over the phone, you can hear barnestemmer in the background. Reality-the celebrity is just like all the others trapped inside the house, and seven-year-old Louis had been allowed to choose the winner in the competition as a way to be able to do something fun together.

“It is of course also a bit about finding new things to do in the here time, together with the children.”

Allan Nielsen’s 16-year-old daughter is in Denmark, while Tina Lund, her husband, their son Louis and daughter Lilly are in Dubai. Allan Nielsen has three daughters from a previous relationship, of which the winner of the prize is the youngest.

Tina Lund is for the time being current in the realityprogrammet ‘Forsidefruerne’, in addition she its ridekarriere in Dubai.

If you want to hear more about Tina Lund lookup, can you hear in the radio program ‘What we’re talking about here.