‘It will be a night I will never forget.’

How to write the Danish springrytter Tina Lund, who also is known from the TV3 programme ‘Forsidefruer’, in a posting on Instagram.

On a daily basis she lives with her husband Allan Nielsen and the couple’s two children in Dubai, but on Sunday she told that they had chosen to travel home to Denmark. Something, however, not proceeded entirely without problems.

‘Fuck… we need to be at Frankfurt airport in the night. We do not sleep at the hotel,’ wrote Tina Lund on the night of Monday on his Instagram-story.

Here she told also how the airport is as good as empty for the people.

“It must be some of the most crazy I’ve experienced. We are in the Frankfurt airport, and there are no people here. It is open on McDonald’s. You can’t sit there and eat,” says Tina Lund and continues:

“There are very few people and no departures. It is completely crazy. We need to sleep in the airport in the night. I had never thought I should try. They won’t even shut us out of the airport. It is good enough insanely it here,” says Tina Lund.

She commends, however, the level of service, the family met in the airport. For it managed to provide some beds, as they all could sleep in before the Monday could board a flight back home to Denmark.

‘Thank you to the Frankfurt Airport that took you the benefit of my whole family,’ writes Tina Lund, who Monday eftermidag can tell, that the family is now at home.

‘Easter in the airport. Our kids have weathered the trip quite amazing,’ writes springrytteren for the lookup.

It was back in June 2013, to springrytteren told him that she had chosen to pull up stakes in Denmark and move abroad. In October 2019, she told in an interview with the B. T, it is a great place to stay with small children, and that it just now works well.

“We have 100 percent a plan to move home to Denmark again one day, but right now, it goes so well with the sport here, that it doesn’t really make sense. My parents have also moved here, so I don’t really have the big need to Denmark, because I have the whole package down here,” she said in the context.