a Lot of nerves Timati obvious cost and care of a very successful commercial artist Djigan, Yegor creed and L”One… And 2019 in Black Star began to shoot and film: left “Mafia” and “Mafia 2”, which has not yet become the sensation of the rental. And, of course, all these should have been too closely engaged.

Here, obviously, Timothy and tired of this routine everyday Affairs. Decided to re-think about your own creativity. It was also the time when the artist was recording singles with Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy!

And now he made this statement:

– This is the balanced solution partners who have been together for more than 20 years, turned the music market in the country and built the only successful “umbrella” brand, which was based on music, but became known and popular far beyond its borders, opening the way for hundreds of young names.

We focused on speed, statistics and other bureaucracy, without which in actual fact impossible for any large company. Guys want to be Google, Virgin, Amazon in your case. And I’m rather closer to the concept of Elon musk, if you know what I mean.

he Completed his post Timothy already quite philosophically:

– Life is unpredictable and no one knows how much time we have, so I want to do more! Already spent 15 active years to create a single Empire, I see exactly what you want in the future.

And then told me that in September he has a new album coming out. Incidentally, the first from 2016.

And so it is logical his desire to concentrate on the release: its presentation, the clips and maybe the subsequent round (there was a time when Timothy had collected and sold out in “Olympic”).

And then, it is possible that he will return to the Black Star, where his remain stake in the business.


Timothy – a successful businessman not only in music. In Los Angeles he has his own hamburger restaurants. The opening looked even Justin Bieber, who usually comes to the presentation or to friends, or for big money.