Russian hip hop artist Timati went to St. Petersburg for a visit to the legendary choreographer and the experimenter from the ballet Boris Eifman. A dialogue between two people who know how to think outside the box, resulted in the ballet-the music video project.

– people Such as Boris, way ahead of its time. It amazes me the scale of his creative personality and completely custom art thinking, talks about the joint work of Timothy. After the Prime Minister has varied the viewer, changing the ballet changed everything. I think our video turned out too, very unusual.

– I perceive art as a field of ongoing searches and discoveries. New ballet is a musical project linking seemingly distant from each other trends and styles to make the choreography closer to a modern young audience, – says Boris Eifman.

Along with Timothy, the audience will be rolling in rehearsal and backstage at the ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman, but will make the trip in St. Petersburg, an iconic place which in a video tour will turn into a kind of stage. The lion bridge, the castle, the promenade des Anglais, as well as courtyards, roofs, and other recognizable and unfamiliar corners of the Northern capital will become the scenery for the performances of the dancers under the track of the authorship of Timothy. In the video appear scenes from famous ballets of Boris Eifman “Russian hamlet”, “Red Giselle,” “Anna Karenina”, “Rodin, eternal idol” and others.

Movement perfected,

Every polished

something fashionable and something forever.

the first day the clip had been viewed more than nine thousand people. From the reviews: “Thank you for such an unusual creative collaboration. Great job. Very very cool and awesome looking! Bravo! Cool project happened.”

continuation of the music track Timati became the second video, revealing the history of the creative ways Eifman. In this video, Timothy goes behind the scenes and turns into the narrator says about the universe Maestro, “the magician and the magician of body language”, avant-garde artist, philosopher, ahead of time, in the lens – Boris Eifman and his ballet, from the first creative experiments to applause on the best stages of the world.