With big problems when leaving the quarantine collided and health resorts of trade unions in the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Forced to stop work of the enterprises of this sector was seriously hit in their budget. But at the same time it is very important that during widespread isolation and quarantine are able to keep labor groups. And, despite all the difficulties, the first of July, the trade Union sanatorium reopened for guests.

the challenge of pandemic, the health resorts of the trade unions on the CMS responded by expanding the list of procedures and opening of new facilities. In health centers appeared potable pump room, was refurbished some of the rooms, children’s Playground with slides and play houses, and, for example, in sanatoriums “Dubrava” in Zheleznovodsk and Kislovodsk has created a new arboretums with creative photozone. Russians who are still loyal to the resorts of the Caucasian mineral waters, the doctors have prepared a nice bonus: the new Wellness program.

– Stay in the resort, in the health environment, contributes to the strengthening of adaptive and protective capabilities of the organism. This will allow to quickly overcome the negative effects of psycho-emotional overload, stress, exacerbation of chronic diseases caused by infection, – said the head of the resort management resorts at FITUR CMS Nikolai Murashko. – Our physicians have extensive experience, work closely with scientists and health resort, so all techniques are rigorous and are based on the use of unique balneation CMS.

to ensure successful prevention and rehabilitation of people with coronavirus, doctors have developed a new and specialized programs enhance immunity, overcome the consequences of physical inactivity, prevention of complications of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and many others. Plus a full diet four meals, a wide range of medical and Wellness procedures.

Many Russians have changed vacation plans – because of difficulties with logistics and receiving inquiries about the lack COVID-19. But now the requirements of the CPS somewhat mitigated, so the resorts hope visit to him will definitely come.

Now, going to the health resort, take the resort map is an extract from the medical history and a physician’s prescription and a certificate of health. In the dining rooms and at the reception Desk mandatory social distance: it caused the markings increased the distance between the tables, and at the entrance to measure the temperature. All common areas equipped with air recyclers, constantly being cleaned with disinfectants.

the cost of the holiday will grow in connection with the need to implement the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor in compliance�� epidemiological safety. But now many Russians ‘ incomes have fallen, so we will of course keep the prices of all forces and do not intend to shift all the costs on the shoulders of tourists, – says Nikolay Murashko. – The most important area in the context of economic recession and decline in real incomes is the support of consumers SANATORNO-resort services. The necessary measures to stimulate demand for Spa services: we offer an additional program for the rehabilitation of people who suffered COVID-19, pneumonia and SARS, based on resorts. Special emphasis is on the restoration of health doctors, who struggled with a virus. The work of the trade Union, that is, socially oriented, health resorts, many of which actually become the rehabilitation centers, are intended to help people get the most decent services at an affordable price. Still, a program that provides twenty percent discount for Union members and their families. Came on time and government support. VTB Bank and 21 Spa & health resort on the Caucasian mineral waters FNPR signed a loan agreement worth almost half a billion rubles in the framework of the new state program of support of employment.

I Hope that this will help to survive industry sankura, which for the resorts is the main, – Mykola Murashko. – Let me remind you that the sanatorium of the Federation in the conditions of a pandemic have retained 100 percent labor collectives, and also fully complied with the presidential decree on the preservation of wages.

Perhaps the most dramatic changes during this time occurred in the basic clinical sanatorium “Victoria” in Essentuki, one of the largest in the country. There was reconstructed the office of hydropathy and mud. Sparkling ceilings, soft warm light, new baths and shower cubicles filled with “smart equipment” tile in style fusion.

We did everything to make our campers feel welcome, to see that the domestic spas were not inferior to foreign, but the quality of treatment even surpass them, – said the Director – head doctor of “Victoria” Nina Grinko.

Here, after the removal of the regime of self-isolation has already appeared and the first campers. So, one of the first days after the opening of the arrived guests from Ufa.

– Came with four friends. After the forced isolation finally breathe fresh air in the beautiful Park of the sanatorium, drinking the mineral water, take Spa treatments in luxurious conditions, says Almira.

the Sanatorium “Victoria” on the member’s profile is a real medical center. Here, more than a hundred licensed types of procedures. At the disposal of physicians perfectly equipped laboratory which among other things can take the test for antibodies to the coronavirus. Building OK��ujaet a huge area of 22 hectares, the resort Park with a collection of art objects, as well as Europe’s largest pump-room – he is going to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

among the first to receive guests of the sanatorium named after Dimitrov is one of the largest in Kislovodsk. Health resort specializiruetsya on the diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal.

– the Location of our resort very convenient, – says its Director Raisa of Melechko. – Near the famous Kislovodsk Park has already been open after quarantine, and updated, so-called “second resort area” – with cascading fountains, new statues and flower beds.