will return When in the night on Sunday, the time by one hour, must also adjust our internal clock. After all, the change to winter time easier. “The day is an hour longer, what is to be done for the internal clock easier,” says Christian Cajochen (55), head of the centre for chronobiology in Basel, Switzerland.

Nevertheless, some people respond according to the Chrono-biologists, sensitive, with a sort of Mini jet lag. “The false balance of the internal clock with the external light-Dark-switching, can have a negative impact on mood, fatigue, and sleep,” says Cajochen. “For most of us, this is only short-lived and settles down after a week.” Regardless of the time change and the short days in the autumn and Winter have to press less the light of day on mood. One out of every five is affected by the so-called winter Blues.

light helps combat the winter Blues

A real Depression develops according to the psychiatrist Stefan Telser (55) but much less frequently. What helps is light: It is the most important time is the reference for the internal clock which is tuned in the body each and every day. “Light therapy can be in moods or depression as effectively as medication. This is often underestimated.”

The head of psychiatry in St. Gallen to the North-in Rorschach, SG recommends that for the dark Season in the right light at the right time of day. Lamps of daylight quality, with more than 5300 Kelvin, should from getting up in the early evening, to be used later, then the usual warm, white light.

The Dracula hormone comes with the darkness

“So that the production of Melatonin is stopped when standing Up. It is also called the Dracula hormone because it comes with the darkness and the light is not afraid of,” said Telser, the have but nothing Spooky. “Melatonin sets the body at night to rest and paves the sleep of the way. Sleep, however, remains something you can’t force, in contrast to the Waking up, the alarm clock heralds mercilessly.”

When the alarm clock goes off in the Winter mornings in the dark, the getting Up is even harder. In particular, if one is a so-called owl. “Whether we are early risers, or rather night-active, gene set table, just like the color of the eyes,” says Telser. About a fifth of the population of owls larks, less than ten percent. On the other hand, the so-called Chrono-biological are normal types. “These are all those who fall asleep between 23 and 1 o’clock.”

The internal clock determines the rhythm

variations in the Timing and duration of sleep, our development and historical heritage. A System that I have made in earlier times the sense: “the wax was in a group of people there is always someone, the could the other alert at night, when danger threatened.” Today you’ve made with artificial light, regardless of the appearance day. “Our inner clock, our inner day – that we are Awake and sleeping times on the other hand, is not free according to our needs,” says Telser.

What is the impact of sleep and chronobiology on our shows, among other things, for people to slip in the autumn-Winter Depression. Typical light defect complaints are craving carbohydrates, weight gain, daytime fatigue and loss of energy. The best recipe against it: as often as Possible to the light of day to go. The lifts the mood and keeps you awake.

There are rays of light

Switzerland introduced the summer time as a response to the General energy crisis as the last country in Europe in 1981. Since then, there’s always re-raising attempts. An EU survey in the summer of 2018 showed the distaste for the Turn of the clock, clearly: 4.6 million opinions, 84 percent of which two-thirds for a permanent summer time for the Suspension. Since you are pushing in Brussels for a rapid abolition. The desired implementation in the year 2021 runs but sluggishly, because the EU have to some States. In Switzerland it is awaiting the decision of the neighbors.