The Wall Street Journal caught TikTok in the surveillance of users. According to the publication, the social network more than a year violated the rules of Google privacy by collecting unique identifiers of millions of users of the Android operating system.

TikTok collected MAC addresses — special identifiers that are assigned to each device. With their help, the app got the opportunity to follow the owners of gadgets on the Internet, and concealed it with additional encryption.

It is noted that such actions are contrary to Google policy. In addition, TikTok did not tell users about data collection. In comments to The Wall Street Journal the representative of the social network assured that this practice was discontinued in November 2019. A total of TikTok followed the user around 15 months.

The social network faces the lock on the territory of the United States. On 6 August the President of the country, Donald trump signed two Executive order prohibiting any transactions with the application owner TikTok, the company ByteDance and owner of the social network WeChat company Tencent. Both projects developed by the Chinese corporations. In Washington believe that each application is “a threat to national security, foreign policy and the U.S. economy.” Campaign headquarters trump also accused TikTok in people watching.