Tomorrow, children, it what it is! Not only Christmas, but a whole party season. We know that, because tights season, and it’s somehow always together. The glitter dress jostling in the shops, the jewellery is opulent, the coats plug rods of the dress.

In the first Moment, the thing with the tights is similar to the first gingerbread in the supermarket shelf: It is not ready. You still in the mood for watermelon and mint, but life is with the Cinnamon stick after one for. You want to run in bare legs the new boots to a flatter dress for a walk, but the Bubble tea beckons attention with his bag. Life is neither a concert nor a bed of roses, but who wants to be beautiful, should not have to suffer anyway.

Also, optical aberrations. To fake bare legs with skin-colored tights, is unacceptable. Point, from. The always goes wrong, don’t argue. You are always too matte or too shiny. And you should actually be invisible, then one may assume that they are so thin that you can as well go without would have.

is not wool optimal. It has barely three times, and you could record it with a crawling toddler. No adult woman should look like, as you would have gone just to the knee. Ergo: baggy knees are untrustworthy.

High 40-60 live!

The only true pantyhose with a stretch, and must be seen. She is black and leaves a hint of skin to Shine through. Sounds sexy? Is sexy. The shortcut triggers The on the tights packaging all the puzzles: the lower the value, the thinner the Material. The higher, the more opaque the Gesöck is. Where we have Numbers like 40 and 60 otherwise fear, are you in tights-Game of the hottest iron. The black, semi-transparent thing for underneath is sensual, evokes associations to lingerie, without losing the sense. Keeps you warm and heats up only more.

The pantyhose (power with small Polka Dots) a virtue out of necessity. Those who doubt still, we get it now with the sledgehammer: shaving legs? Must not be any more. Pants is the bottom Satin? Tights squeeze with reinforced panties part, everything nice and round. The thigh chafing? Pack them up again.

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