for Three years, Heinz Ehlers, was in Lausanne a terrific Job. The Dane led the newcomer right off the bat in the Playoffs, confirmed the success of the following year, and forced the giants out of Zurich and Bern, respectively, to the seventh game. And yet, Ehlers 2016 was fired after the LHC against the eventual Champions, the SCB moved in the fight for the Playoffs, the Shorter.

“About some things, I have to laugh already,” says the 53-Year-old today. “It has been said, it would have been defensively played. They brought in an offensive-oriented coach, played in the first year very successful. But when I see how Lausanne now, I need to say: This is probably the defensivste team in the League. Maybe you even found that you can only play aggressively and score as many goals can let that happen.”

“Not necessarily a dream opponent”

it comes In the Playoffs now for the reunion. A desire for revenge, Ehlers felt no. “I’m not saying I want to beat them, because I was dismissed. I’m happy in Langnau. And Lausanne is happy. But of course I want to come to the next round. But it will be very difficult. Lausanne has individually seen one of the best teams in the League. It is a dream opponent is not necessarily.”

Langnau lost against the Team of Ville Peltonen, three out of four qualifying matches. Ehlers says: “It is unbelievable, what has made for the development of Lausanne in the last few years. Athletically and financially. Because you can take the hat off.”