Incident at the British broadcaster BBC. During a transmission, a message appears that causes a stir. Those responsible apologize – and have a curious explanation.

Accidental overlay: The BBC broadcaster overlays a ticker message during a live broadcast. “Manchester United is junk.” This is reported by the news site “sportbuzzer”. The message is deleted after a few seconds, but still causes irritation and amusement.

Attempted explanation: In its apology, the broadcaster refers to a technical glitch. Moderator Annita Mcveigh is more specific. “Behind the scenes, someone was practicing using the ticker and adding lyrics. You just wrote some stuff that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.” She also apologizes.

Statement with humor: Clive Myrie, also presenter at BBC, comments on the incident on social media. He tweeted, “I had nothing to do with it!” Myrie is a self-confessed fan of Manchester United’s city rivals, new English champions Manchester City.

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