shake the acts: Since 2005, an Italian couple is doing violence to his children. Again and again. Over 100 Times (EYES reported). Only in their homeland, Varese (I), then in the Canton of Ticino. In the spring of 2016, Alberto* (50) and Karin C.* (45) are being arrested. Now, the shocking motive is public, why the former butcher and the Ex-barmaid raped, especially their little daughter on a regular basis.

“The Sex with my wife became boring. We wanted a change,” to Alberto C. have in relation to the Prosecutor’s office testified. The Il Caffè “reported”. Especially for the then-six-year-old daughter a year begins with the long martyrdom. But also only a few years older son had to join in the violence, apparently, was several times the victim of it. The ordeal has only one end, as the girl three years ago, a well-Known trust. This immediately alerted the authorities.

police found pädopornografische photos and movies

The police storm the house with views of the Magadino plain. Also, only a month before the arrest opened a butcher shop of Alberto C., in April 2016 searches. There, the officials will find photo and video materials of the rape. The couple ends up in prison and waiting since then to its process that will begin this fall. The Prosecutor’s office requires more years of imprisonment for incest, rape, sexual acts against Minors, sexual assault and hard-core pornography.

The District, where the desecrations took place, has only a few residents. A neighbor remembers the family: “The people lived very withdrawn and had no contact with us in the place.” Noisy and quarrelsome they were. “There’s four big dogs, the kläfften always were”, the man tells the VIEW, “in the house was a lot of yelling around.”

Horror-parents lived on big foot

Alberto C. have lived on quite a large footprint. “He had a car, a big motorcycle, a car and a living,” says the neighbor more. Where did he get the money? The man shrugs his shoulders. The Italian couple came ten years ago in Ticino. It was Jobs; he as a representative, you in Bars.

Only four weeks before their arrest they had opened a butcher’s shop. Then they disappeared. A former customer says of this: “It was said, you would have had to due to family problems to Italy.” In truth, the Horror of the parents already were sitting in the Ticino jail.

* names have been changed