Two plane crashes within five months: aircraft manufacturer Boeing is due to its model 737 Max harsh in the criticism. Since the recent disaster in Ethiopia, around the globe, flight bans for this model to be adopted. Boeing announced a Software update. But the software problem seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. It should come to be gross violations of in the development of the flight control system:

Important information at the US-aviation authority FAA vorenthaltenDas the amount the rudder could be moved to four times stronger than the FAA informed of responsibilities has been from the FAA to Boeing delegated a connection with the crash of the same model in Indonesia

Dominic Gates, a Reporter for the “Seattle Times”, wants to have evidence that Boeing has carried out large parts of the flight tests and the development of the machine, apparently without the direct supervision of the Federal aviation authority FAA. Thus, the aircraft manufacturers wanted to save time. According to the statements of the leniency of the FAA had been deprived of important information.

The FAA has not been on it but uninvolved: If FAA technician had no time, a Verification, signed by their Manager, the documents either themselves or delegated the task of Control at Boeing. For the aircraft manufacturer, the time gained was of vital importance. Because The development of the 737 Max was namely nine months behind French rival Airbus A320neo.

System is supposed to have played in both crash a Central role

the violations, it is mainly the so-called “Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System” (MCAS). This should have played when the two crash a Central role, as the first evaluations of the flight recorder of the Ethiopian disaster machine. The control system used on Board the 737 Max is supposed to prevent the aircraft suffered demolition during the flight to a stall and crashing. This is because the Boeing draws 737 Max due to the larger and to the front of the staggered engines with the nose like to the top.

error-prone System

However, the MCAS is apparently extremely susceptible to interference, because it depends on information from only a single Sensor that measures the position of the aircraft in the air flow. It sends the wrong values and start the flight on-Board computer to adjust the height of the rudder and the nose of the aircraft down. If the pilots would not respond quickly enough, it can lead to a crash.

engineers from the FAA and Boeing gave to a Journalist Gates, that the Elevator may be moved from the Computer, as the FAA has been officially notified – specifically, four times. With such a fierce rash of the Elevator, could not be controlled, the plane practically.

crash in Indonesia

The Black Box data from the Lion Air crash in Indonesia, in October 2018, will deliver the following first findings: everything points to an error Sensor, which had a number of times triggered during the flight, MCAS – with deadly consequences. The captain of the aircraft had a total controlled 21 Times and handed then the control to the first officer.

As the MCAS, the nose of the aircraft two or three times to the bottom of pushed, tried the First officer to correct the flight altitude – but it seems to be too little. The last few seconds of the Black Box data to show that the captain took over control again and tried to pull the plane up. But too late – the machine crashed with more than 800 km/h into the sea.